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  • Hey, these guys are great investors too eh..........
  • HEY RJ.....How come I have lost all my post?????? I had like 730 or something......
  • Read through the news archive on this site and you will find out, it's cos you don't visit this site enough you just don't know!:P
  • Oh and on Schumachers new venture....if he feels the need to enter his missus into the 'production' side of things then I'll put in an advance order right now!
  • Silver Arrows - you definetely need to update yourselves with was is happening at FM.com!
  • Enlightened me guys........Thank You.......the least u all can do is forward me to the post or tell me what to do.....
  • Too bad for Ralf - he is now NOT going into the porno biz. From Planet F1

    An abrupt end to Ralf's erotic business plans - I love the nicknames they were given though!

    Friday December 03 2004
    Comedian Stefan Raab has put an end to Ralf Schumacher's plans to invest in a chain of Slovanian sex shops after he dubbed the German and his wife 'Porno-Ralle' and 'Hard Cora'.

    The Toyota driver has announced that he'd be investing in the Austrian branch of Beate Uhse, a German erotic products company, as a "a silent partner." Ralf's $2.6 million would be used to open eight sex shops in Slovenia and Croatia.

    "For me, it's just like any other investment," he told Bild.

    But the 29-year-old has now decided to withdraw from the venture after German comedian Raab made jokes about his unusual investment.

    "It's become a campaign against me. My role as an example to others is more important than any money," Ralf told the German newspaper.

    "What Stefan Raab has done with my name and that of my wife was far too personal. I have a son to think of."

    Meanwhile Willi Weber, the manager to the two Schumacher brothers, has revealed that Ralf will be suing Raab, as his jokes meant the end of his plans to invest in the erotic empire.

    "Raab went too far, he has damaged the Schumacher honour," Weber commented.
  • good luck for weber, Raab is too powerful
  • I did not know there was such a thing as a German comedian - hell I thought they were born WITHOUT a sense of humor.
  • He's probably got foreign blood......

    Anyway what do you mean they have'nt got a sense of humour.........they voted Hitler in did'nt they?
  • Silver Arrows - you definetely need to update yourselves with was is happening at FM.com!
    It's easy for you to say that Neil, since you didn't lost your count, but Silver and me got busted! Unfair:(
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