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Some Clarification PLease

will the engine in the back of the minardis at this weekends bahrain grand prix be THE SAME as the red bulls.

Also i remember an article by mark webber in f1 racing last year stating that the minardi chassis was better than last years jaguar and the only reason they were beatin us was because of the engine , now with both engines the same , hopefully we should realli kick ass this year and beat those yellow lego bricks


  • No - it should be the same when the PS05 debuts at Imola.
  • I think Webber was talking about the 2002 Minardi, when he compared it with the 2002 or 2003 Jaguar. Although the PS04 is basically the same car, it has been adjusted a few times, for example to fit Wilson in the car. And it was designed for the Michelin tyres. Even with an updated engine the PS04 will not be faster or better than the Red Bull or last years Jaguar.

    [Edited on 29/3/2005 by vuurmuur]
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