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No more BlingBling for the drivers

From Grandprix.com:
The FIA World Council has announced an immediate ban on the wearing of jewellery by race and rally competitors. This will include all body piercing and heavy chains, which means that several F1 stars will have to change their taste as heavy gold chains have been seen on one or two famous necks over the years. It will also presumably mean that Christian Klien for one will have to get rid of his earring and Vitantonio Liuzzi's "pirate" look will have to change. The move is presumably being made on the grounds of safety as metal can cause burns in the event of a fire, even if it beneath a covering of Nomex. It is not clear whether expensive gold watches will be allowed as these often appear on the wrists of the stars as pure decoration - in exchange for horse-choking wedges of dollars from watch manufacturers.


  • They should ban Trullis stupid ninja haircut and all those crappy bandanas that the Renault people wear.

    Oh, that was last year!
  • the article makes it sound as if this extends to outside the cockpit aswell, and if so, is a load of bollocks.

    whats next, a ban on tatoos? hair not allowed to be longer than shoulder length? business tie to be worn at all times? :rolleyes:
  • FIAt really need to have a look at their priorities :rolleyes:
  • "hair not allowed to be longer than shoulder length? "

    Good idea Panda, wonder if we can make that a law?? Must speak to the Prime Minister about that the next time I see him.

    All males over the age of six, or prior to the first school day of the child, must have hair trimmed around the ears, and not lower than collar length. Side burns are not to extend below the bottom of the earlobe. Moustaches are to be trimmed and neat at all times, and not extend below the line of the top lip.

    school uniforms are mandatory for all schools, and shoes of a black leather type are to be worn. All shoes with be polished to a high shine prior to the commencement of each school day. An inspection parade of all children will be carried out each morning prior to classes commencing.

    The national anthem shall be sung at the morning parade.

    Right, that's that glitch sorted. Anything else???
  • ^ ESAD :spank:

    Long haired man
  • Sounds like paradise to me - although I must hide or destroy all the photos of me as a long haired youth.
  • I'll get this shitfight sorted out yet Quig. If only people would listen, first get the schools sorted then start on the uni students. No more Uni's, just Miliatary Academies. Then the master plan can commence.

    I take it Clown, that you don't agree. Right downstairs and into the chamber for an hour or so for you my boy. You should be as right as reign after that.

    [Edited on 1/4/2005 by oznomad]
  • Anyone else think that quig and oz would have been right at home in Germany, circa 1938? ;)
  • P1, I'm thinking somewhere between there and Monaco. Population does what they're bloody well told to do, and living the life of a well loved Monarch. That'll do nicely thanks. :cool:

    PS That sort of remark will get you an hour in the chamber as well!!!! :D

    [Edited on 1/4/2005 by oznomad]
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