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A whole load and Minardi and Albers merchandise is available on F1racing.net from the end of the month!!!
The prices are not sky high either!!!


  • The prices are not sky high either!!!
    Yeah...if you happen to live in Europe. Wish I never saw this post- now I want a bunch of cool Minardi stuff I can't possibly afford.

    Might break the bank for one of the Albers hats, they're really cool. But is it worth $50+?
  • Is it possible for the "Club Shop" of ForzaMinardi to do a bulk buy
    at a discount rate, then onsell to club members at a small profit?
    Then everyones a winner.
  • My question is why TOMS has ZERO product up for sale at their supposed "E Shop"?
  • Sorry bout the price thing its just the excahange rate for Sterling is favourable.
    I was also confused by no merchandise in the E shop!?
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