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Damn you Yanks!

Just having a squiz on EbayMotors where I found this - A 2002 model Craftsman Truck series F150 Ford. There's an option for quick sale which when converted to $Australian is on $33,000! How the FUCK can one of your top racing series cost only that amount for a turn key, ready to race car!

Give you an idea - a new Formula Vee (like the ForzaMinardi.com Aurora) will set you back between $35,000 and $40,000. ($20.000 if you are the chassis constructor. Except we're the only independant team out there that make their own cars!) Now if I had the choice of a 65hp Formula Vee, or a 700hp Nascar truck of course i'd pick the fucking truck! How come racing over there is so damn cheap, but in Australia everything costs giga dollars?

(Methinks it's because everyone wants 'technology' over here and that comes at a cost. Always trying to make racing cars with gutless engines and never ending amounts of carbon fibre. :rolleyes: )




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