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MCSF at Indy?

Been meaning to ask y'all this for some time now, I've just been too damn busy to get around to it.

Is anyone from MCSF going to Indy? It would appear to be safe to assume that given the expense and vacation time taken by those who traveled to Imola (a fair portion of the MCSF crew) there would not also be money/time to travel to the USGP this year. Am I right in making this assumption, or are you all still going to Indy in June?

I'd appreciate it if you guys could weigh in on this for me, as it has a significant impact as to whether or not I'll be going to Indy as well.


  • Yes, we will have a big group going. I won't as I'm broke after Imola BUT Murph, Ger, as well as many others who do not post here will be in attendance. I have not gotten the email out to you all but will very quickly.

    Looks to be the same - Thursday with the team and so forth.
  • Thanks for the quick response, chief. I'll be waiting to hear from you, then.
  • I'm waiting for your dues.
  • I'm going with the wife and son. Lookign forward to it. I suppose I have to send dues this year instead of paying in a pub eh?
  • You should be paying double.
  • I'm waiting for your dues.
    Last time I asked, you said I should wait until I heard from you about paying via PayPal. Never heard anything.
  • I'll email you the PayPal addy.

    You know MY email so send me your latest and greatest email addy please.
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