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Irvine to Purchase Minardi? WTF


  • Oh, I hope he does.

    And I hope Stoddart sees him comming.
  • Just Imagine, we will be sponsored by Playboy, or Penthouse or even Hustler. Pink and green paint scheme, with no Minardi to be seen, EVER.
  • At first I thought "oh we'd get condom sponsorship" but then I realised that Eddie is probably the kind of guy that thinks those are for sailors.
  • And I hope Stoddart sees him comming.
    is that literal or a freudian slip?:D
  • [quote]And I hope Stoddart sees him comming.
    is that literal or a freudian slip?:D [/quote]

    As long as he doesn't...cock things up!
  • Speculation grows

    taken from updatef1.com

    (GMM) Eddie Irvine, we can reveal, will attend a third grand prix on the trot at Monaco next weekend.

    It, perhaps, gives credence to an odd rumour in the Barcelona paddock -- that the Ulsterman and former Ferrari driver has a keen eye on Minardi.

    Although current Faenza owner Paul Stoddart sat out Spain with a nasty 'flu, speculation whispered that 39-year-old Irvine - with a personal fortune outpacing even countryman Eddie Jordan - may buy the back-of-the-grid squad.

    Irvine, 39, has - until now - seldom showed a face in the Paddock since retiring in 2002.

    He said in January: ''The idea of owning a (grand prix) team is interesting, but the way it is at the minute, the sport is not owner-friendly.

    He's pretty loaded after his ferrari days
  • this is a joke, right??
  • You'd think it was a joke. But this so called rumour is getting quite a bit of press.
  • if it happened Minardi would become Irvine Gp or something. No thanks Eddie. Appreciate the offer but like the team the way it is
  • And all of a sudden Stoddart doesn't seem like a bad idea ........
  • he would change the team's name that very day, minardifan is right. Why don't he just f* around as he did in the past 20 years, without pissing us off
  • This is a product of a Slow News Day. It will never happen.

    Even if Edmund did mention Minardi to someone, he was simply shit-stirring.
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