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Whats in it for Stoddart?

I'm wondering why Stoddart has hitched his cart to the Ecclestone wagon so tightly that he's now viewed as Ecclestone's mouthpiece.
It looks as though he's a pawn in a high stakes poker game.
The high court verdict has placed pressure on Ecclestone for the first time in years. As much as one might admire what he has achieved with the sport, I'm afraid he's got too greedy. Hes embroiled in some desperate attempt to corner the marketing rights for F1 after 2007 and force the manufacturers to deal with him. He's attemting to gain patent rights for the Grand Prix name in Europe. He's also trying to prise the weakest independents away from the GWPC. At present Stoddart is the only one to sign up. I'd bet that Jordan will side with the manufacturerts.
The game is complicated in that the banks now want to stike a deal with the manufacturers and Bernie out in the cold.
In closing I'd like to ask what does Bernie do with all the money. Truth is the teams don't see any of it. Look at Silverstone. God knows I'm no fan of the place after the experience of 1988. But asking the BRDC to pay $15 million for the rights to the race and then pay a 15% markup year on year thereafter is pure piss. How are they gonna pay that?


  • I haven't noticed Stoddart being especially close to Ecclestone. Usually their spats are the only things we hear of.

    That said, I'd kiss his ass for $50 million a year too.
  • Ecclestone does not give money away unless he has to. Don't you find it interesting that all of a sudden there's $300 million on the table?
  • I believe the figure was $500 million mate.

    I don't find it puzzling at all, he has his back against a wall finally.

    In the end though the teams and the banks know that there is no alternative to Bernie. It's simply too big of a tast for anybody to just start up from scratch.
  • Sign up to mr Excellent's F1 (the devil you know), the racing continues and everybody gets about $50M.

    Else wait for the car makers to ether start their own series (unknown startup costs), or buy SPEED from the banks (the banks won't want to lose money on the deal). Then race under a new deal where the car makers make all the rules. Oh and no $50M.

    I know which one I'd take.
  • "Pawn in a high stakes power game"? Given that Stoddart's effectively a single individual at the table with Bernie, the FIA and the manufacturers, how exactly was he going to be anything else?

    At least hitched to Bernie he gets his view heard, gets taken more seriously. And in all honesty, Bernie's preferred option of a low spending F1 is in Minardi's interests far more than anything the manufacturers might come up with (even if Bernie and Stoddart want it for different reasons).

    The amazing thing about the SLEC/Kirch/Banks business is not that it's starting to unravel, but that Bernie held on to it for so long after he pocketed the billions for selling 75%. And in reality, what happens now? The banks kick Bernie out? Bit of a nuclear option that, what would their shares be worth then? GPWC? Doomed from the start. Bernie's got his deal on the table. Sooner or later the other parties will settle, unless they opt for pride over self interest.

    Love him or hate him, the only way Bernie loses control of F1 is when Beelzebub comes to reclaim him.

  • Does everyone think that the banks will be any better than BE. I hope the banks don't come close to F1.

  • The banks don't want to run F1, they want to sell. But what good is selling 75% when you can't control anything with it, hence the current legal action.

    The only real question is who will they sell too BE or GPWC.
  • I suggest you all get a copy of the Financial Times for the 7 December, an excellent analysis of the Court ruling and implications for F1.
    As I was saying, the $300 million was the same amount that was offered to the teams a year ago when a memorandum of understanding was signed between the banks, Ecclestone and the GWPC.
    Whats interesting is that according to the ruling the banks have a right to veto that offer and strike up their own deal.
    Its all very well to put on the rose tinted glasses, but GWPC exists. Their structure is in place, they have the management and have already started negotiating with the track owners.
    As for Stoddart hitching his wagon to Ecclestone in the hope of securing more money, I don't think he knows just how out of his depth he is.
    This is the same Ecclestone who was happy to see Prost and Arrows go down the pan without offering the teams any of that $400 million he was squirrelling away each year. As I recall he said the teams should cut costs.
    The same Ecclestone who killed off F2. Replaced the F1 feeder formula with a one make formula, and then allowed FNissan, Formula Renault V6, Euro F3000 to strangle it. BTW was'nt it Ecclestone who effectively destoyed European sports car racing?
    No Ecclestone is looking to retain his extortionate income, if that means throwing a few crumbs the teams way, thats a small price. Time for Mr E to step aside, and he can take MM with him. Give the banks a chance, they are likey to be more transparent at least and probably less greedy.
  • Recipe for chaos.

    And wasn't it manufacturers coming in, pumping up budgets and then buggering off that destroyed sportscar racing?

    I find Ecclestone's world view as distasteful as anyone, but the alternatives are unworkable.
  • All this about noone but Bernie can run F1 must be crap. Lots of other series get run without him and if its true what happens when he falls of his perch?
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