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Monaco Parade thread



  • Ehm.... excuse me, but is that Kiesa???

    Sure is.
  • So what's he doing in our pit? Is he always there or.... who knows, we have a 3rd PS05 now.
  • Beware that Jordan didn't drive the full potential today and the will get in to the 1,17 on saturday,remark my words.
    Hope that Minardi will get in the 1,18!:)
    It is still to early to think that Minardi would beat Jordan in qualify.
  • We were less than four seconds from the top today !!!

    Two seconds from Barrichello !!!

    It's Minardi magic :P :) :cool:
  • So what's he doing in our pit? Is he always there or.... who knows, we have a 3rd PS05 now.
    Well, it is Monaco. People like to show up for this race.

    Minardi appear to have added a small flip up onto the rear crash structure, similar to the top teams. Haven't seen a picture from the back yet though so I can't be sure.
  • We are making good progress with the car.

    The first 4 races for us with the PS05 were always going to be glorified test sessions to develop the car.

    It looks like we are definately moving in the right direction. By Nurgburgring we should be doing great. ie competitive with Jordan.

    I would however like to see how we are going to go in the race.

    This is a test of true driving skill, and Pat has definately shown his true colours. Just waiting for Chris who had some bad luck today. Karth is finding his style difficult to duplicate in a steel trap, I should have put him for first out in the race. I opted for Tarso instead I think! Doh.
  • Forza Patrick!!!!!

    Great times today I'm sure Christjan will catch up and we can only get quicker over the weekend:D
  • I opted for Tarso instead I think! Doh.
    Tarso Marques???

    What's he doing these days ??
  • quote:
    I opted for Tarso instead I think! Doh.

    Tarso Marques???

    What's he doing these days ??
    Tarso, Tiago, they all have a year in them most. They come and go so quick.......:P
  • Hello all, it's my first message on this message board, Spanish Minardi fan here.

    It's normal to see Kiesa in a Minardi shirt, he has been close to the team since he was our pilot in 2003, and in this year preseason he helped to develope the PS05, he's something as our "unifficial" test driver until he gets a seat in another team.
  • Welcome siriwan :)
  • Bienvenido.

    Check out the Spanish version of the forum as well !!!
  • Track is slow as shit. Surprising, considering how busy the support schedule is there.
  • Good times for both drivers!!
    Friesacher very good with low fuel, Chris very good time for medium fuel
  • Patrick showing the goods thus far this weekend. My hat goes off to him.

    Albers still struggling, appearantly.
  • Patrick is doing a very good job!
  • Albers is driving also low fuel now!
  • Damn the top cars are flying:(
    5,4 second behind the top is so good at all.
    But its about the fight with Jordan
  • 1.18.588 by paddy!


    [Edited on 21/5/2005 by Minardi4eva]
  • GREAT STUFF from patrick, has Albers hit the wall again??
  • A shame cause he was going to set a 1.19,00 if you look at his sector times
  • i noticed he was green for 1 and 2, then a shocking S3 and the track went yellow for a few secs
  • Fisi out of nowhere breaks the 1.14 barrier
  • red flag!

    a 3 way collision involving DC Ralf and Jacques the lad

    [Edited on 21/5/2005 by Minardi4eva]
  • [01:59] Villeneuve shunted Coulthard into Ralf at the top of the Massenet ...

    Credit to Hack on AtlasF1
  • sounds like a bigg'n. hope they got it on video.
  • Pictures show just bits and pieces missing. Wings and nosecones.
  • Where are the pictures Jello ???

    According to F1Racing :-

    Coulthard was following Montoya at the time when the Colombian slowed down dramatically in the middle of the track causing Coulthard to jam on the brakes. This caughg Sauber driver Jacques Villeneuve by surprise and the Canadian slammed into the rear of Coulthard's Red Bull, sending the Scot into the barriers. With all the debris scattered across the track the session was stopped early.

    Earlier in the session Montoya suffered a puncture while Christijan Albers broke down.
  • There it is folks, two Judas'on the back row.

    Well done the team!
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