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Monaco Parade thread



  • awww yeah :D
  • great!:D
  • Wow a fantastic effort, Go Minardi!!!!!!

    And just to make things a bit more wacked out, JV has just whipped Massa :o.
  • Fantastic, fantastic to see. That has made my day brighter.

    Pictures of the incident are on AtlasF1 Jumpey.
  • Ralf in barriers another place up.
  • fantastic both cars off the back row in a qualifying session!


    But what a lap by Kimi, where did that come from.
  • MinardiSquad eat your words!!
    Beware that Jordan didn't drive the full potential today and the will get in to the 1,17 on saturday,remark my words.
    Hope that Minardi will get in the 1,18!
    It is still to early to think that Minardi would beat Jordan in qualify.
  • Great stuff:cool:
    Good to have beaten the Jordans

    Minardis provisionally starting 14th & 15th

    If we lose 50% of the other cars (not impossible at Monaco) we could be in the points!!
  • Fuck yeah! :cool:

    Take note the speed trap- Friesacher 5th fastest in sector 3 and 6th fastest in sector 4. This car might be quick yet...
  • MinardiSquad eat your words!!

    [quote]Beware that Jordan didn't drive the full potential today and the will get in to the 1,17 on saturday,remark my words.
    Hope that Minardi will get in the 1,18!
    It is still to early to think that Minardi would beat Jordan in qualify.

    I eat my words!!!:D
    I had it wright about Minardi getting it into the 1.18.
    I thought Jordan was not giving their full potential, i looked at the times from last year and Jordan did 1.17, the Jordan was faster in the first races so i thought they could do a 1,17 again but i was wrong:hehe:.
    Great stuff from Minardi this day, super lap from Friesacher, the guy need it this and is looking very good this weekend, also i must give Chris a compliment if you look at his troubles this weekend, he did his fastest lap in quali.
    Both drivers did a great job and Minardi can be proud of their two drivers.
    Hope that Minardi will stay ahead tommorow, Friesacher must stay ahead of the Jordan!

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  • Yessssssssss!!
  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited, we haven't beaten anyone for ages, today is a great day.
    Friesacher is fantastic, bravo Albers too.

    Today is even better than Zsolt's point for me, cos finally we did better than our rivals. This is racing.
  • I totally agree with Salvo! Great day! Fantastic day! Amazing!

    Everyone did a fantastic job today, let's hope wen can keep the Jordans behind us, and let's looking forward to the Nürburgring!

  • Great Stuff!!
  • With the BARs out, and Ralf and Monty penalised, outqualify the Jordans and we're 13th and 14th...
  • With the BARs out, and Ralf and Monty penalised, outqualify the Jordans and we're 13th and 14th...
    Has been Montoya penalised? Is it official?

    MONTE CARLO, MONACO, May 21, 2005 – The Minardi F1 Team today produced its best qualifying performance in two seasons, drivers Patrick Friesacher and Christijan Albersfinishing the first qualifying session for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix in 14th and 15th positions respectively. In achieving this result, Friesacher and Albers recorded faster times than either of theJordan entries, with Friesacher’s time only two-and-a-half seconds off the pace of the Ferraris. Earlier in the day, the final two practice sessions of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend provided further evidence that the team has made progress with the PS05. Friesacher’s fastest laps saw the young Austrian in P14 in the first session, P15 in the second, and solidly ahead of both Jordanentries in each of the sessions. Albers couldn’t quite match his team mate’s pace, although he, too, notched up lap times close to those of Minardi’s nearest rivals. He also lost his final scheduled run of the second session when a gearbox problem developed. Aside from the performances of both drivers, team personnel were pleased to note that the Minardi Cosworth PS05 chassis appears to be handling well on the Monaco circuit, where high levels of downforce and mechanical grip pay dividends, while also being among the fastest through the speed trap.

    PATRICK FRIESACHER Best lap: 1 min 18.574 secs Position: 14th

    “I think it was not a bad lap. I made a couple of small mistakes, but generally, it was pretty good. We’ve been able to get in front of the Jordans today, and I hope we are now able to stay in front of them for the rest of the weekend. The guys have again done a really good job, so thanks to them for all their efforts.”

    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS Best lap: 1 min 19.229 secs Position: 15th

    “I’m not as happy as I could be, since I lost time against Patrick on the qualifying run, but I think it’s due, at least in part, to not having as much time on the track. I lost time in the practice sessions on Thursday and this morning with technical problems, so all things considered, there’s not really that much between us. I’m also happy that we were able to improve the set-up of the car steadily, and as a result, I was able to improve my lap times with each run. We’ll hope to carry on with the improvement tomorrow.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “It is really pleasing to see the potential of the new car is beginning to show. To be consistently ahead of our nearest rival so far this weekend means we are well on the way to achieving our goals. Both drivers have given 100 per cent around this very demanding circuit, and my thanks go to the whole team, which has worked relentlessly day and night. The continuing progress is down to the efforts of all concerned. Let’s now hope for an equally productive second qualifying session, and an interesting race tomorrow.”

    - Ends -

    Chassis allocation – 2005 Grand Prix of Monaco

    Friesacher (No 20) PS05/02

    Albers (No 21) PS05/01

    Spare car (Friesacher) PS05/03
  • It's official, Montoya penalised! Now our guys are 13th and 14th!!!!
  • Well done both drivers. Did you see the faces of the Jordan crew, they were gobsmacked!

    There is bigger chance now that we will beat Jordan more often, because Schneider wants to sell his 50 % ownership (yes he only owns 50%, Colin owns the other half) of Jordan and is not pumping any money into the team anymore! So maybe there will be no update.

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  • The Alarm bells should be ringing down at Jordanski. They looked awful today long may it continue!
  • Great performance from both guy's today and with such a decent advantage over the jordans, patrick can afford to run some extra fuel tomorrow.

    We can actually have some race tactics to keep us in front of people!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D




  • Fantastic performance! :D Well done to the team for an excellent job. Hopefully we can hold position and keep either Ralf or Montoya behind us for a while, and possibly even get some points.
  • This is awesome, they pulled it off! However, remember that there's tomorrow's qualifying as well - our boys need to stay sharp if they want to get a good start for the race.

    So, what's the strategy tomorrow? Fries looks cool, as he has a gap of around 0.8 sec to the nearest Jordan. Unless they pull off something marvelous, Pat could go quite heavy and still came out on top. Albers, on the other hand, could be in for a close one, depending on what kind of fuel loads are used.

    Gut feeling says go heavy; if the Jordans go out heavy as well, we should still be ahead. If they go light, they shouldn't be able to run away too far or on the other hand, deter our speed much.
  • FORZA!!!!!!!!

    Great stuff!!!
  • W00T :D
  • *NOTE*


    Still another qual session to go. Dont get all excited just yet!
  • Expect at least Albers to be behind the Jordans, Albers is thinking of doing a 1 stopper!
  • Love this quote from f1-live.com

    "Minardi Cosworth will be celebrating this evening as both Patrick Friesacher and Christijan Albers out-qualified the Jordan Toyota’s of Tiago Monteiro and Narain Karthikeyan. It is a long time since Minardi were not slowest, so all credit to the team today at Monaco. "

    Congraulations guys!
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