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Monaco Parade thread



  • fingers crossed that the cars actually make it off the line this weekend, and can hold position throughout the firt lap... :)
  • Yeah, fantastic qualifying. Let's hope our car's will have a good start and that at least either one of them will finish the race. In that case I'm seeing some points coming our way... :cool:
  • Monaco G.P. - Qualifying 2


    MONTE CARLO, MONACO, May 22, 2005

    The momentum continued for the Minardi F1 Team in the final official qualifying session for this afternoon’s Monaco Grand Prix. Drivers Patrick Friesacher and Christijan Albers again put in excellent performances to consolidate their provisional grid positions, and will start today’s event from 13th and 14th positions. Aside from the performance of Friesacher and Albers, team personnel are also very pleased to see that former Minardi drivers will occupy four of the top five starting positions on the grid for Formula One’s most famous race.

    Position: 13
    Time: Q1+Q2: 2 min 40.810 secs Chassis: PS05/02
    “That was quite a difficult lap for me and I was definitely on the limit in a few places. I think maybe the tyres were not quite warm enough when I was really pushing, and as a result, there wasn’t as much grip as there should have been. I’m happy, though, that we have kept our grid positions – it’s a good result for us”.

    Position: 14
    Time: Q1+Q2: 2 min 42.206 secs Chassis: PS05/01
    “It feels good, and I have a lot of confidence for today’s race. We have found what we think is a good set-up for the race. It would be great if we could maybe surprise a few people this afternoon. The team’s performance this weekend has been very good and everybody is really motivated, but we also have to keep our feet on the ground, not just for this race, but for the 13 that are still to come”.

    They should make a roller coaster ride out of Patrick's lap.
  • I don't know what fuelload Pat has, but Albers just confirmed on TV that he was heavy!!!!

    Let's get at least 1 car in the points !!!!!!!!!!
  • FUCK, PAT.
  • Do you guys think we have one of the best looking colour combo's on the grid this year? I'm starting to think she looks pretty good in black/white and red.



  • PERSE!

    An old Finnish curse.
  • Too bad about Pat's losing control and about Chris's spin.
    Thank god that we finally achieved a race finish with the PS05!!!

    Good job by Williams and their drivers.
    Renault: bad tyre choice!!!!
  • Very exciting end of the race. I'm glad Mark finally got a podium finish, he'll get now more self-confidence.

    Pat was driving in a league of his own. Liuzzi ran away one second per lap (not bad by the way) and Albers lost two seconds behind. Pat's spin looked strange maybe it was a mechanical problem or something. Luckily it was quite small collusion so there's time to fix the car ready to next weeks race.
  • Another good race!

    PS05 is improving, and I love the tyre rule. Makes the end of the race almost always exciting
  • The car looks good alright. When it's not banged to the wall, that is.

    Patrick's crash made me want to break something. He was doing so well and impressing everyone - and then he bins it. Luck ain't no lady.

    What about Alonso? Major brain fade, "hey, he's getting in front of me.. ah, there's a shortcut!". What an asshole! Not to mention the fact that he tried to do it twice. The guy deserves a penalty. Quite frankly, his stunt made me want to punch him. I guess Webber must have felt the same times ten.
  • What a race.
    Bad luck for both of owher guys, Patrick was doing good with a two stop strategy and Albers was on his way with his one stop, Patrick was on his own and Chris was much faster then the Jordan in the beginning with the same strategy.
    It's fucked up for Patrick cause he was doing very well, also the spin of Chris was a pitty, he said that he didn't exactly know what happend, maybe some oil ore something, it was a strange point to spin.
    Chris was very very dissapointed after the race because of the first part of the race, at the end the team said to him over the radio that he was one of the fastest cars on the track, also the dutch reporter was saying this about Chris his laptimes.
    The positive thing is that one PS05 finished and we ware faster then Jordan threw the whole weekend;).
    Up to Germany.....

    A little news fact: Minardi is trying to keep Albers for next year, also other team are intrested in Albers if we must believe his manager, hope Minardi can keep him onboard, Hope that also Patrick will stay for another year

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  • Christijan his reaction on his site:

    Christijan Albers showed the Minardi has enough pace to move up the field and was one of the fastest drivers on track at the end of the race. In the end he couldn't manage better than fourteenth after losing a lot of time with a spin earlier in the Grand Prix.

    “The team told me during the race I was setting one of the fastest lap times at the moment. That’s nice, but it’s not helping at all when you’re a few laps behind everyone,” said Albers being a bit disappointed. “I spun around in the hairpin, but I have no idea what caused my spin. Maybe there was some oil.”

    “I didn’t have any power steering so that is pretty hard! I’m a bit disappointed with my result.”

    I must say that owher guys are true heroes if you look how they drive there car arround with no power steering at all!!:).

  • 14 Vitantonio Liuzzi Red Bull Racing: 1:18.030

    15 Patrick Friesacher Minardi-Cosworth : 1:19.037 :o

    16 Christijan Albers Minardi-Cosworth: 1:20.237

    17 Tiago Monteiro Jordan-Toyota: 1:20.747

    18 Narain Karthikeyan Jordan-Toyota: 1:22.019


    Pat one second behind Red Bull and almost two seconds faster than Monteiro !!!

    This was an encouraging day for Minardi team despite everything.

    We must look for the next race now with positive feelings :)
  • Great time from Patrick, but the difference is that Pat was on a two stop strategy and Monteiro was full loaded. I think you better compare the time from Chris with Monteiro cause he was on the same strategy as Monteiro, Chris was even heavyer then Monteiro.
    But i must say that Patrick did awesome this weekend with a good pace, sad that he didn't finish
  • The team did a great job this weekend! image
    About the laptimes, Monteiro was indeed more loaded, he set his fastest time in round 12 and came in round 37. Albers fastest lap was in round 22 of 39.

  • What's with the powersteering?
    Did it break during the race, or are we simply not having it???

    Btw, M$ should be penalised for passing the yellow line at the pitstop exit !!!!!!!
    25 sec. penalty sounds nice to me.;)
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