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Prost at Le Mans

It was announced today that legendary Alain will be racing an Audi R8 in LeMans 24 hrs. 2005. His teammates will be Collard and ex-Minardi Sarrazin.

He'll be 50 yrs. old in February.
Willning at LeMans would be the worth conclusion of his faby career.

Allez Alain!


  • and carlos reutemann today tested a f2004i in Fiorano
  • Prost unfortunately denied the news that had been given by L'Equipe.

    That's a shame, I would have loved to see him racing again.
  • I think that a true WORLD CHAMP should be a multi series champ - at the top level of course. I think that the best place for retired F1 types is WSC - endurance racing is where they should end up with LeMans as the center point of their focus.

    Thats what I would do...
  • Mario Andretti. :)
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