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Cutting-edge solutions delivered with speed and precision and the constant search for excellence and innovation have led to a deal between the makers of the world's fastest and most famous red car and Asia's largest software company.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) and Scuderia Ferrari have concluded a deal whereby teams of engineers and specialists from TCS will provide IT and engineering services for the development of the Formula 1 racing car for the next racing season beginning March 2005. In addition TCS solutions will also be part of the racing car's popular cousin, the Ferrari sports car.

"This is no ordinary recognition. We are delighted that Ferrari has chosen TCS technology and solutions to retain its pole position," said S Ramadorai, Chief Executive Officer, TCS. "The F1 car is the most complex and advanced car platform in the market, packing research in aero dynamics, engine technology, brakes, tires and modeling to name just a few - this collaboration is a tribute to our work, to the solutions we provide and to our engineers who strive ceaselessly to make this company what it is today."

Experts say a Formula 1 entry, as part of Ferrari's technology team is a quantum leap for TCS, showing that an Indian industry leader is now part of a small group that is driving the future of technology worldwide. Collection and processing of millions of data elements with speed and accuracy is daily business at Scuderia Ferrari, the Maranello, Italian based home of the car manufacturers.

The deal makes TCS the first Indian company to enter the F1 stadium alongside the most famous occupant of this global arena. With 19 Grand Prix races in 17 countries on four continents and an average 250 millions viewers per race, an F1 presence for any company on this large international canvas speaks to its dynamism, performance, teamwork and stamina for vertiginous competition and power.

"The F1 family consists of an extremely limited number of companies from around the world selected for their excellence and market position. We only work with excellent companies because that is what makes Ferrari what it is today," said Jean Todt, Managing Director, Ferrari. "TCS has what it takes to help us retain our pole position."

Echoing that confidence, said Antonio Calabrese, Chief Information Officer, Ferrari…

"We have great expectations from our relationship with TCS - we know they are the best and we look forward to working with them in the years ahead."

While glamour and speed is what attracts the millions of viewers to the races, a lesser-known fact is that increasingly, an F1 car is a feat of engineering in many domains. It has more in common with a jet fighter than it does with a normal car. Experts compare it to a moving solutions platform that tests not only the stamina of the drivers but also mechanical and electronic systems that have to perform under levels of extreme stress. Goalposts shift dramatically every moment and pressure to deliver is a constant. From car electronics to safety, aerodynamics to trouble-shooting, TCS will work with the F1 team to provide IT-based solutions before, during and between races.

"In Europe where expectations are very high, challenges are multi-pronged and the eye for detail and excellence is unique, the very fact that Ferrari has chosen to work with TCS is an indication of how the market views us," said N Chandrasekharan, Executive Vice President TCS who led the negotiations with the Italian company. "When the season begins in March 2005 and the famous red car wins Formula 1 races, we will know that we have contributed to that success."

Earlier this year, TCS became the first company in the world to achieve CMMI and P-CMM Maturity level 5. Some of TCS' projects for Europe-based clients have become global benchmark solutions. TCS was at the forefront of providing software solutions to European clients for the currency transition to the Euro and it was also the first company to deliver solutions to Europe using the offshore development methodology. TCS has also delivered cutting edge engineering solutions to several customers in Europe in the automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering and automation domain.


  • Tata as in : little Indian cars? Boy they aim high don't they? So is Karthikeyan invited for a little test?
  • Who wil Karthikeyan replace:- schumacker or barrechello ???

    :D :hehe: :D
  • Who wil Karthikeyan replace:- schumacker or barrechello ???

    :D :hehe: :D
    Maybe he will replace Mr Singh (M$'s phisioterapist):P
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