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Ask GCM a question

We might be up to something big here guys so post your question for the man right here and we'll see whether we can launch an exclusive here:D


  • First I want to know if his personal collection of Minardi race cars is intact. When will the PS05 run next season? Will Minardi be testing anymore this year or before the season starts?

    Thats at least a start.
  • I would like to know when the drivers will be confirmed and when will we see the PS05 the first time in aciton.
  • Quig's gonna mess himself :hehe:
  • That is not uncommon - but what about this particular thread is going to contribute?
  • I'd like to know which race over the last 20 odd years made him proudest of his team (my own - Silverstone '89, of course).

    Does he ever hang out with PLM and discuss the old days over a bottle or two of Chianti?

    And what does he think of the current livery? Isn't it shite? Not a patch on the ones he used to design himself.

    Finally, when's he going to buy the team back?
  • Does he have an official role within the team, if so what exactly is it?

    Does he just do driver development type stuff?

    Has anybody replaced John Walton and if not, and would he consider taking over Walton's role if asked?

    Has anything come out of these South American ventures?
  • Is he still interested in running an F1 team?
  • What are your thoughts on how Paul now runs Minardi?
    Does he confide in you for your thoughts?
    What input (if any) do you have in the team?
  • Have you screwed Ralf's girlfriend yet?

  • On a more serious note (no, really!), is the PS05 actually going to be an all new car with an all new chassis?
  • LOL. No love for Quigley and myself huh P1?
  • I'll believe the internet scuttlebutt when I see the car with my own eyes, Jello. :hehe:
  • $20 USD (786234786 AUD) says I'm right.
  • For CGM: Do you fear F1 becoming nothing more than a marketing device for car manufacturers; and do independent teams like Minardi have a future?
  • What were you thinking selling it to a guy who really does not have a clue how to run a F1 outfit? :P
  • Do you find it difficult attracting good young talent because of our place on the grid. Since Webber and Alonso it has been quite bear in that department.
  • 20 USD (786234786 AUD) says I'm right.
    Now that's not nice.

    Funny, but not nice
  • Gian Carlo - you're not running the team of course but are you happy just because Minardi is still out there?
    Do you think that Minardi should go to GP2 if they can't/aren't able to up their game?
    What's better - being massively uncompetitive in F1 or not being there at all?
  • Do you think that Minardi should go to GP2 if they can't/aren't able to up their game?
    :spank: :rolleyes:
  • We must all dream but do you think Minardi will ever get to the midfield, let alone win a GP?

    What is your fondest Minardi memory?

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