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Imola, 24th of April



  • I talked to Faenza yesterday morn but the person who will be setting up anything at the factory will not be back at work untiul the 10th. Stay posted.
  • Lease, I don't think it was going to be like Virgin Blue that we have here now, the take your own food and drinks type thing. I believe he was aiming at somewhere in the middle of what is available now. Lower prices, "slightly" fewer services type of thing. I only heard a snippet of the story, but that was the impression I got.
  • $1670 is the lowest I've been quoted (before taxes) to Rome. How much would it cost me to get to Bologna/Faenza?
  • 28 euros second class one way (three hours by train)

    that's from station to station, how much it will be from the airport to the station I don't know

  • I had a great conversation with my contact inside Faenza. I will give a more detailed response later but in brief - factory tour, meal with key people to include GCM, Minardi may be able to get us a break on ticket prices, possible garage visit on the Thursday before the race....very positive response.

    What I need from you all is a definite body count.

    So, who is going and who is not?
  • The Murph's will be there..........

    Thanks Emmo

    now......just gotta get plane tickets, hotel in Bologna, figure out when to visit Florence, Siena, Modena, & Venice, figure out train schedules, and learn to read & speak Italian.........hmmmmmm
  • :cool: :D :D :D :D :D :cool:


    I shall be there!!! hmm i think food could be sacraficed to pay for it ;) certainly not drink! ;)

  • Excellent news quig, good job:D:D

    Definately there:cool:
  • 'rule - regarding that bottle of wine...if it is only one what are you going to drink?
  • File me away under "in" Quigley.
  • We need to talk asap dude - I found a good priced deal...I think we need to jump NOW.

  • I can do that tomorrow before 1.
  • me phoney you or you phoney me?
  • I recken I lost your Moffett number. 665 0288?
  • I reckon you did - check your email.
  • I would truly love to go guys, trip of a lifetime. :(

    Sorry to take the convo off track for a moment, but are you doing the Minardi launch in Melbourne, OzMinardi? I mean, getting a press pass organised?
  • I reckon you did - check your email.
    I was waiting for it at the wrong address. :(

    How tomorrow sound instead? I have the day off so any time is good. What time works for you?
  • I start at 0600 and work till 1630 so pretty mmuch anytime.
  • The MCSF crew (all 2 of us) here in Ireland will be there. Looking forward to meeting up with you Emmo and RJ along with my great buddy Murph. Keep us informed of whats happening

  • Ger - Faenza was surprised and happy that we have an Irish contingent. Are the two coming you and Mrs Ger or you and Seamus?

    I just talked to Murph on the phone and he was not sure.

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  • Unfortunately my beloved is staying at home as my daughter has school but the great Seamus will be there. Cant tell ya how much we're looking forward to it! Thanks heaps for all the organising!!
  • The planning has only just begun. This is going to be like keeping rabbits on a flatbed truck.

    Murph has a few more details but I am waiting on a solid body count.

    People - let us know if you are in or not - there were alot of you interested so now is the time to say ya or nay. I then have to give this number to Faenza and start work on their end.

    Remember too that this is their home GP and that with a proper count of people they are going to try and get us a seating discount and possible set us with other Minardi fans/clubs/employees etc.

    RJ - need to talk to you real quick on dates and times. Look for an email from me.

  • God, I wish I hadn't read this thread...wish I could go, but the plane tickets alone cost more than I have in my bank account...

    I'd better face it, the only hope I have of ever seeing a GP is in Indy. Lodging is free, travel's cheap, meals are paid for by cronies.

    Just once, though, it'd be nice to go to a foreign race...
  • I'll tell you the same thing I told CLown. Pull off a bank job or roll a 7 11 or whore yourself out.

    This is going to be the F1 race of a lifetime.
  • I cant wait!!!

    are we looking at a weeks trip??? As the faster us Europeans book airline tickets the cheaper they are (well on the economy airlines they are anyway)

    Are we going to get a group booking at a single hotel??? That would work out as cheaper. Im wiling to look into that........... sorry got interupted by a virus turning my pc off, now what was i going to say?........

    Id try and look at the hotel options if i knew the number of people??? in bologna??

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  • I'm working it out with the gang that is coming from the San Francisco area. Murph and I are trying to coordinate with the Mics.

    I think it would be a good idea for all the Brits to sort their travel accomodations etc. RJ is close and Salvo is coming from Palermo so ....

    This is why we need EVERYBODY to confirm if they are going or not and what their plans are.
  • I just finished booking 2 rooms for the Faenza/Imola Week of Minardi Love ....April 17-April 24. I have been looking around on various web sites, checking to see what type of prices to expect.

    Today, talked to Emmo on the phone about rooms. We thought it would be advantageous to try to book rooms close to the RR station and that we could hopefully all be in either the same hotel or in hotels in close proximity.

    This evening, I started to go through a number of hotel websites, to see what was available. I was distressed to notice that some of the hotels that showed they had rooms available last week for Sunday April 17 (when my wife and I would arrive from the states) till April 25, were now booked. Now, most were not booked all 8 days.....but were booked over the weekend of the 17 and also were booked on April 24. I searched and found a hotel near the RR station that had a double room available for 690 Euro's....I booked it but when I attempted to book a twin bed room for the Irish Brigade, the room was taken ...yet it had been available just a few minutes earlier. I cancelled the double room and continued searching. I finally was able to book 2 of the last 3 double rooms available at the Hotel Executive....the good news is that the total cost for the 2 rooms for 8 nights was $1500 dollars, US....comes to $750 per room which is less then I will be paying for 5 nights at Indy this June for the USGP. That hotel is just about 1 mile from the RR station. I got these 2 rooms through www.hotels.com ..... I have emailed Emmo to let him know of the hotel situation so that he can start searching for rooms for the Left Coast set........the Irish Brigade is now set for rooms.

    Obviously I'm not from Bologna, and I don't want to cause a general panic for those looking for rooms in Bologna....but I would encourage any and all who are partaking in "Minardifest 05" to start looking to see what hotels are available in their price range.......here are some hotel web sites I have been searching through.....


    I hope some of this info will be of some help and that I actuall wrote down the CORRECT urls........ Looking forward to meeting many of you on what will be a memorable adventure for all.

    ciao (working on my Italian.....that is all that I know at this time)


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  • So what days have we got things sceduled?

    are the generally accepted dates monday 18th to the following monday the 25th?

    Just looking at flight prices
  • Emmo will you let us know asap the dates for the Factory tour as the need to book flights is on. Would we be safe in booking Arrive Monday and Depart Monday? This would give the Factory tour Tuesday. The only fight available to me arrives in Bologna 23.30pm including a 7 hour stopover in wonderful Heathrow!
  • I can book tickets now there and back for £29!!! tues to tues. This frees up budget for the rest of it.
    Ste Who are you booking/ flying with???

    Desperatly trying to find the cash at the moment - not easy with wife and baby
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