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Imola, 24th of April



  • not easy with wife and baby
    Tell me about it - I am having to sell a few of my old bikes to pull this off.
  • 1) Impossible for me to stay one week, I'll miss the factory tour:mad::mad::mad:

    2) I can make it for the week end, to see qualifying and race with you.

    But we have to book tickets all together, to stay in the same place.

    3) I didn't understand, where are you going to stay? Bologna? Imola?
    Let me know, to book the hotel.

    4) If you've got any problem with language, just ask.
  • Arrrrrrgh! You must make the Tour and meal! Looks like most of us are staying in Bologna but i have another email going back to Faenza to clarify dates and lodging options. I am also going to see if and where the majority of Minardi fans/clubs sit and coordinate with Minardi.
  • From Faenza this morning - edited version:

    Also, I spoke with the Responsible for SAGIS (the tickets agency for the San Marino GP) and they told me that this year the F1 teams have no discount as they have already a special price due to the 25th S. Marino GP anniversary.

    So please have a look at their official website www.imolacircuit.it (English version) where you will find the tickets' price list and the map of the track with all the grandstands.

    The most expensive is, of course, the "A" which is the one in front of the Line. We use to suggest to our guests the "I" which is the right compromise between location and price. From there you are able to see the garages, but it's quite cheaper than the "A". Anyway, have a look to the prices & map, then if you need more info let me know.

    AND THIS!!!!!!

    PS: As from yesterday the Minardi Club Melbourne is an official Minardi Club and it has been added to the Clubs' list on our website.

    Congrats to Junior and his gang down under!
  • Well done to Junior. Everyone going to Imola, have a great time.
  • Viges old bean, why can't you attend? This is NOT the event to miss. Not going to France instead are you?

    All joking aside this should be epic.

    Chip chip cheerio.

    Sun never sets and all that.
  • Obviously I'd love to but things are not panning out that way holiday-wise. Not going to Sepang this year so maybe just Silverstone.
  • You NEED to be there. It is almost essential and would certainly be lacking something if you were not there.

    You will have to quit your job and go on the dole until after Imola.
  • So who else is going from the UK? if we can try and co-ordinate flights/hotels etc we may be able to get better deals.

    Am searching now will post any results
  • You're very kind Quig but it is unlikely.
  • PS: As from yesterday the Minardi Club Melbourne is an official Minardi Club and it has been added to the Clubs' list on our website.

    Congrats to Junior and his gang down under!
    Thanks Q, youre help has been appreciated. When I visit in April I'll bring you a little something.
  • Im looking to book With Ryanair.com

    The trouble is they say they fly to bologna with forli in brackets??

    Could you help me out salvo? how far is that airport from bologna? I know Forli is about 100ks from bologna is that where the airport is?

    How much is a train ticket between the two going to cost?
  • is the flight to Bologna or to Forlì?
    they have different airports. If you arrive to Folri you can reach bologna by train

    I just telephoned the Forlì airport for you.

    There's a "tram" (how is it in english? a kind of electric bus) from Forlì airport to the station (it takes 5 minutes), it's the number 2 ("numero due", begin your italian lessons).
    Then from the station there's a train to bologna every 30 minutes. It's about 60 km, you get there in half an hour, roughly (it also depends on wich train you take). I don't know the price, but it shouldn't cost more than 5 euros.

    p.s. lesson number 2: Forlì has an accent in the end, so you pronounce it, as it was written "for lee".
  • Salvo - what date do you plan to be in the Faenza/Bologna wherever the hell we are area?

    Where are you staying?

    How many are coming with you?
  • Well, to be realistic I guess I can have no more than 3 days, the wwekend. I was thinking of going there on friday, to see qualif and race sat and sunday with you. The I'd go back home on monday (in Italy that monday, 25th april, is a national holiday, the Liberation from the Nazis, it's like your 4th of july).

    I guess I'll come with a friend of mine.
    Where to stay? I told you, I'd love us all to stay in the same place, so we can go out for dinner to eat some pizza and drink good red wine.
    So it's up to us all to make up our mind.
    The best option is Bologna. For sure. Beautiful city, close to Imola, not too far from Faenza.

    Now we just have to count us and then we can book the hotel.
    We have to buy tickets for the circuit before 31st jan to get the discount.
    Then we'll book the hotel in Bologna.
  • Murph and his crew, the irish MCSF members and Jelo and I are al booked at the Hotel Executive in Bologna.

    Tickets to the race - just waitin gon word from Faenza regarding where the other MC are going to sit. If not yoour Tosa High looks okay to me/us.
  • you rich yankees!!! that hotel is expensive, 169 euro a night for a single room... well, I'll look for something else nearby.:o
  • Prices must have gone up - I am paying 592.80 euros for 8 nights.

    the rates came from this site


    and the hotel is

    Hotel Executive
  • OK, I'm officially wavering but would probably drive down a la Canonball and only for Sat and Sun night. When is the factory tour?
  • Looks like Tuesday but if both you and Salvo can't make that then maybe I should look into an alternative date for you two.... if Minardi does not take the Monday holiday off...?
  • The tour would be good but the ForzaMinardi meeting and the race are more important for me.
  • I subscribe, Simon.
    Nevermind Quig, enjoy the tour, maybe sat or sun morning the team could allow us to take some pictures together. Impossible?
  • At this point the race weekend schedule has not been finalized by the Team. I am sure many things are possible.

  • See you in the bar of the Hotel Executive on Saturday night -I'm booked. Now, what about race tickets?!
  • Waiting on woed from Faenza as to whether or not there is a combined effort by all of the Minardi Clubs to sit in one place - same as the Minardi non race employees. When I get word on that I'll let you know but if not then Salvo's idea of Tosa Alto is okay by me.

    Murph - I know you sent me that site with pics of the track from the various stands. As you are retired how 'bout posting some of those pics so all the participants can take a look at the views and help in the decision.


    Good job Viges. This will be one of the finest hours of of racing lives!
  • Go, mr president, go!!!:cool:
  • Hey gang - RJ has not even chimed in with his ideas and his connections. This is a FM.com show!
  • Just booked Hotel Fiera round the corner (Executive no longer available) you got all the rooms!!!! flying in 18/04:D:D:cool:
  • Cool - there were only 57 rooms in the executive.
  • My preference is Tosa as it's the only real overtaking possibility - sitting by the grid has never been my thang.

    Didn't someone say Tosa has a good view of Villeneuve up to Piratella? BTW we are going for seats? Tell me we are - viges doesn't do standing.
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