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Imola, 24th of April



  • yes, from high tosa you see a big part of the track
  • Unless I hear different from Faenza then I say lets book there.

    Granted that is for the race only - I'd like to get views from all corners if possible throughout the weekend. Can you walk the entire tracks perimeter? I tried at Monza but the back side of parabolica does not allow you to connect to the front.

    Any info?

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  • I found this

    Click on one point (Tosa is P and T) and then click on "guarda il video" (there's the green arrow).
    It's a little slow to load, but it shows you what you can see form every single point of the track.

  • "Waiting on word from Faenza as to whether or not there is a combined effort by all of the Minardi Clubs to sit in one place - same as the Minardi non race employees. When I get word on that I'll let you know but if not then Salvo's idea of Tosa Alto is okay by me.

    Murph - I know you sent me that site with pics of the track from the various stands. As you are retired how 'bout posting some of those pics so all the participants can take a look at the views and help in the decision."

    OK Emmo, I'll give it a go. I've got 2 sites to give out...the First is........

    this is a gallery of pics taken by Crapus, a guy who post at the Off Camber forums. He took these pics in 2003....gives a good view from Tosa

    the Second is the best..... it is the web site of Imola
    When you get on the site...go to Virtual Tour...and click

    1) you see the track with all the stands indicated. Below this is a video of a Ferrari 360 Modena driving the race course.

    2) click any of the Grandstands. You will then have the option of....

    A: watching the Ferrari drive through that area giving you the view we will see from those grandstands.

    B: Below that is a 360 degree picture of that grandstand, whats on either side of the grandstands (fencing....) and the view of the track.

    As a photographer, I am so pleased that there are many great areas that I can shoot from...the problem is there is only Friday to go to whatever grandstand I wish..on Sat & Sun I have to buy a ticket for a particular grandstand...... somehow I got to do a lot of moving around that weekend to get pics from Tosa B, Acque Minerali C/D, Variante Alta G, Variante Bassa I........ lots of great shooting areas.....not like Indy by any stretch............ 'sigh

    Hope this helps...


  • murph, we posted the same thing at the same time. This is telepatia.
  • Thanks Murph-but can you walk the track with the General Admission pass?
  • On Friday...... except for Grandstands A & M by the pits, one can go to any of the other Grandstands........ On Saturday, we have to buy a ticket for a particular grandstand...same for race day.

    Some of the things I have to consider is that though I can go to any Grandstand except A & M on FRiday.... there are only the two 1-hour sessions.....some of the "experts" are guessing that most of the teams wil not be out on the track for much testing on Friday because of the 2 races-per-engine rule....we will see those teams that have the option, using their 3rd drivers alot on Friday...... for me I have to dicipline myself to figure out 4 places I want to shoot from on Friday...shoot 20 minutes or so....and then get to the next spot.....

    Saturday is still the two 45 minutes sessions in the morning....with the first Q-ing session in the afternoon

    Sunday will have the final Q-ing, I think 3 (4?) hours before the start of the race.

    I'm leaning, at this time to go to TOSA B for Saturday..... 3 photo sessions vith differnt views of the cars....coming at me from Villeneuve....panning at Tosa.....shooting them going up the hill.

    As for Sunday....the Variante Bassa L gives these opportunities.....cars comming at me from Rivazza....panning them as the come by the stands..... getting 3/4 shots as the go through the pit chicane..... tailend shots of the cars going down the pit straight (including the start of the race)...the chequered flag being waved... and jumping on the track to get to take pics of the podium celebration at the end of the pit straight.......... haven't made up my mind as of yet..... but these are my current leanings........

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  • Just booked my flights and hotel.

    Im flying out on the 19th at 08.00 and going back on the Tuesday 26 at 22.10

    The flights go to Forli so cheers for the info Salvo :):)

    flights cost £30.90

    All the executive rooms were too expensive for me (poor student ;);)) over £800!!!!!

    So I decided to go for a cheaper hotel just outside the city. Hotel Green Park a 4*, only 4kms so well within walking distance!! and theres always the option for a taxi now and again.

    The hotel cost £287.00

    leading to a grand total of £317.90 to get there and stay there. I dont think thats too bad.
  • I'm up to $1342 and have not opened a bottle of Emilia Romagna's finest reds.
  • As I ama gp virgin i shalll let you seasoned gp goers to decide where to get the tickets. as long as its not stupidly expensive


  • Warning to anyone in the Bologna area from April 16-25; Quigley and I have non-refundable tickets to fly there and a hotel room.

    You've been warneddddd
  • heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!
  • I expect a glass of something red waiting for me in the hotel bar when I arrive - Lord knows when that'll be as I'll probably drive down from Calais in maximum attack mode starting v early on Sat morning.

    BTW my European Minardi flag will be coming, naturally, but wasn't there talk of a ForzaMinardi banner once upon a time to send around the various GPs?

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  • INDEED - RJ can you get that locally? I assume we'll all chip in.
  • Guys are we doing a special shirt(Tee or Polo) to commemorate this great adventure?;)
  • RJ and I were thinking about it but since Ital Telecom is giving him the good news re his internet access we have not been able to communicate.

    Murph and I came up with a beautiful t idea but we need to look into it. These things can get pricey.

    Plus the MCSF still has to do something for the Team at Indy.
  • So if Ive re read everything so far

    1/ Were staying in Bologna
    2/ Suggested track position is Tosa
    3/ Factory visit to be confirmed

    This topic is V long
    Can I suggest we create new topics for :-

    1/ Who is going
    2/ Confirmed / Agreed itinery
    3/ General Suggestions - itinery, flight, hotels
  • mcsf, i sent you my number expecting your call:P
  • Jumpy is right. New topic needed.

    RJ, it's up to you.

    We have 14 days left to buy the tickets.
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