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Dinner With Mr Minardi



  • Ciao
    on the Zsolt thing on Tuesday night I asked him will we be seeing him on the tracksoon he was doing his best to say yes I think but said Thursday would tell a lot. So who was sitting with Patrick and Christijan in the motor home for lunch today - yep.
    He was also telling me about ofers he turned down to race in the USA Champ Car series. This was a no go due to his sponsors only wanting a F1 driver or at least a driver with F1 possibilites.

    Guys this trip is a blast. MCSF is da man! The hospitality shown to us by all at Minardi is mind blowing.

  • I'm so glad for you all, guy, shame I wasn't there.
    See you in 24 hours.
    I'm proud to have given a little contribute to this historical event. :cool:;)
  • Can't wait for your arrival mate. Are you you staying with us or do you have other plans?
  • tomorrow evening I'll be eating and drinking limoncello with you, Jello, for sure!!
  • lemonjello people lemonjello !

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  • I've always read that J as Yello, at the italian way... Now everything is clear to me:hehe:
  • Remember, this was a combo event - without the MCSF .... lets just remind all that it was/is a combined effort.
    Relax, girls, more than enough glory to go around...
  • by the way, our cake was bigger than yours
  • by the way, our cake was bigger than yours
    Yeah :finger:
  • You act as though you were a part of that, Clown. :angel:
  • It was a joke.
    Go fuck yourself you elitist San Fran fag.
  • Sheesh... And I used to get confused between Clown and Jello on this forum, telling them apart... One from Aus and one from SF, no? Isn't that the same thing? Am I insulting both of them if I keep this up?

    /still can't tell them apart
  • "by the way, our cake was bigger than yours""

    Damn straight digger.
  • Ladies!

    We don't do cakes in the Popular London Front of Minardi. Just cigars.
  • Great Pics Murph! Can't wait to see more.

    Quig, glad to see your givin it a true military effort to keep an eye on that boys' alcohol consumption.

    Just got back in and get to view the tapes of the practice.

    Glad you guys are having fun.

    man, i do hope that Zsolt gets a ride. he is the most DOWN TO EARTH LEVEL HEADED guy I have met. a good solid quiet confidence. A very very admirable fellow.
  • "Popular London Front of Minardi."

    Splitter! :hehe
  • OZ - who's side are you on anyway? You were one of us before you were one of them.

    Remember what Zappa said - "Them IS us"
  • Don't tell anyone Quig, keep this between you and me ok. It's for Int purposes, I've gone undercover. Thanks for the e-mail, but don't mention it on FM.com or they'll kill me.

    Cheers mate.(Now to butter up these locals some more, back to the scheming table)

    PS The damn straight part was the American reference and the digger comment was for the locals. It's my way of sending sublym, sublimen, oh hell, secret messages. It was on the list of cdes I sent you. Tell me I sent you the list, PLEASE, tell me I sent you the list. Just remember to keep this between you and me!!!

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  • I read you 5x5 - OPSEC and all.
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