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The Imola First Practice thread!



  • and the fact that CA only drove 1 lap in the 2nd pratice is'nt positive either :(

    whick is precisely why the time gap is irrelevant. Lets wait for qualifying and race pace for a time comparison.

    IMOLA, ITALY, April 22, 2005

    It took late nights, long hours and unremitting determination, but the pay-off for the Minardi F1 Team came at 1102hrs today, when the first of the Faenza squad’s new Minardi Cosworth PS05 chassis, with Christijan Albers at the wheel, took to Imola’s Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari track for its initial Formula One practice session. The car of Patrick Friesacher followed three minutes later, and both cars then ran without any major technical issues during the morning session. Unfortunately, Albers’ car was sidelined in the afternoon after a wiring problem developed at the beginning of the session, but Friesacher continued at uninterrupted pace with his technical programme. The team has much to learn about the behaviour of the latest Minardi, and many aspects of the car have yet to be optimised, but at the conclusion of today, both drivers had made quantifiable progress in terms of developing an appropriate chassis set-up to cope with the demands of the Imola circuit.
  • That's it. All is new and who knows in which conditions had to race with the new car. I think we will se a little of the real performance of the car at the qualyfication.

    Don't forget the championship is very long!
  • Hey everyone,

    Give these guys a chance,

    Second fastest car on the circuit in both practice sessions, in a new car, that has done minimal miles in practce.

    Let them get used to the car and the support team to work onthe settings. Even a skate board is going to be better than the PS04.

  • I think Minardi might have built a car like the Arrows A21, fast through the speedtraps but to low on downforce and mechanical grip.
  • From 2 practice sessions, you've established that? :rolleyes:

    Car looked good through Bassa and Variante. A bit nervous under braking perhaps.

    Patricks "stop" in FP1 was an error on the timing. He was in the garage.

    jk: it's the old gearbox that they're running. The shifts were noticably slow, like the Jordans. They are the two with the longest delays and the loudest backfires.

    Albers came out in FP2 for a fairly quick installation lap and made it back in time for a timed lap but pulled into the pits instead.

    I'll begin judging tomorrow as I'm not entirely convinced that either driver was pushing today.
  • From 2 practice sessions, you've established that? :rolleyes:

    they are 2nd through the speedtrap and last in the time sheets through every sector, so: YES!
  • That's not really the way it works..
  • Do you know if they are planning a new box later in the year?
  • It's way too early to judge our performance. Tomorrow's qualification reveals how close we are at the moment. However, I think this weekend is more testing than racing to us. I'm expecting good results starting from Barcelona. It's a long season to go.

    So everybody calm down ! :spank:

  • Do you know if they are planning a new box later in the year?
    They are still waiting on the castings to come in from California. They'll introduce it shortly.
  • Couldn't you MCSF guys have brought the castings with you in your luggage??? ;)
  • This time last year I was struggling as a Minardi supporter. Now I think Minardi will have the better of Jordan and this weekend as well.:cool:
  • When testing what approach do you take- start with low downforce and crank it up. Or the opposite?
  • When testing what approach do you take- start with low downforce and crank it up. Or the opposite?
    Probably neither- Take your best guess at optimuim (using last years settings / or modelling) if its not good, check the telemetry and find out if a faster lap can be made with either more straight line or corner speed.

    The problem with downforce is that if you make any big changes it is often nessesary to change suspension settings to match (to prevent the car grounding or riding too high)
    this can make car setup a bit of a compromise!!
  • We rushed to get this car here. It should have been released in Barcelona. The fact that we are here is a sign of the teams hard work.

    This is nothing more than a real life test session. I htink everyone's expectations are far too high.

    A team with more money would have already spent days on the test track. We've spent only one.

    Time to take a deep breath and relax.
  • But fortunate Minardi will test two days next week at Mugello, on Wednesday and Thursday. They will bring two PS05 cars and one PS04 to the circuit, to compare both cars and to test tyres. Friesacher, Chanock Nissany and Marchy Lee Ying-Kin will also be there.

    Oops, saw the other post too late.:spank:

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  • There are only 2 possible explanations for the lack of pace. 1) Minardi have not found the levels of downforce they expected. If thats the problem, I would look at changing the front wing shape. Its too similar to last years, Try Renaults wave design.
    The second explanation is that the design team have stiked out and this is 2003 revisited. Either way there is no quick fix. Time for Stoddart to grasp the nettle and rehire George Ryton. He headed up the deisn office from 99 to 2002 and still lives in Italy.
  • Just saw 3rd practise on TV and saw some good shots of our cars.
    They were too slow,but handling seemed much better then the Jordans.

    Both Jordans went of track and caused yellow flag situations.
    They are faster though, but at what price????

    If they spin during the race our boys will pass them for sure !!!:)
  • 15 mins into practise 4., and neither Minardis have been on track. Come on!!!!
  • yellow flag, Montiero.

    Still no Minardis

    Schummi Sr over half a sec faster than anyone else so far.
  • 18 drivers have posted times, 2 havent :(
  • What's going on?
  • Great job guys:spank:
  • Bloody great! can't make a car faster when you are sitting on your arse :mad:

    I notice that Williams onyl did 3 laps, they mist be happy with their setup and concerned about the engines.

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  • both Williams out again. Heidfeld up to 8th, Webber up to 7th
  • Why do I even support Minardi!? :(
  • Both Minardi's didn't drive cause the want to spare there tyres:(
    What the **** is wrong with them?

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  • Spare their tyres? Why? It's practice ffs, not qualifying. :rolleyes:
  • Stoddart said to atlas that they hope to know the car better in Canada and USA and maybe then the will get close to the Jordans:spank:
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