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The Italian commentator said today Saturday that there are a good bunch of supporters for Minardi including supporters from MCSF. I don't know why he didn't mention FM.com but I hope he does so tomorrow. ;)

noone appeared on RAI however... no RJ, no Quig, no banner:(

hope we spot you tomorrow!;)


  • They didn't have anything on SpeedTV coverage either. Hopefully tomorrow they'll catch up with the boys!

    I was sitting right behind the banner!! Cant wait to get home and check out the qual and race to see THE BANNER!!!
  • so you got good exposure at Tosa? good good

    didn't mention Forza because this is not a forza gig
  • Saw a large predominatly white banner at tosa on UK tv qualifying coverage, but too far away to see if it was definatly the Minardi gang.
  • YUup, That was us, at least 4000 ppl, if not more saw the banner live!!!! were getting a digital version of the coverage so im going to zoom in on it, the baners going in exactly the same positon tomoz, so look out for it!!!
  • I saw it on UK TV to, but not clearly. The cameras cut away just as it got there. I mainly saw it from onboard shots. Someone needs to bribe the camaraman (and possibly the director) at Tosa to spin a bit more to get a good view of the banner.
    Will look out tomorrow on the race coverage.
    Enjoy tomorrow!
  • again I'm up way too early for my own good, getting ready to meet the guys at the station.
  • yes the banner was also visible but very far away -

    you were seated at the midst of TOIT fans!!!!! Did you hear any comments about Minardi?
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