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MCSF mentioned on ITV

Indeed, on lap 33 James said:

"I believe there are a group on Minardi fans at Tosa who have come form all over the world, even some as far as San Francisco cheering on the Italian team" (or words to that effecet)

Not seen the benner yet lads


  • The banner was well placed that you saw it every lap on the second camera out of Tosa on the inside of the fence as the camara panned. Well done loads good positioning!
    Shame we didn't get to see our cars doing much.
  • They actually didn't mention MCSF per se, just that there were a large group of Minardi fans here this weekend that had come from all over the world, even as far as San Francisco.. :)

    That's how I heard it. It was straight after they mentioned the retirement of Albers.
  • Unfortunately, straight afterwards he said that "it's a pity that both cars are out, but they have something else to cheer about now as Schumacher is flying" or words to that effect. Minardi fans? Cheering for TOIT?
  • It was awesome guys! Well done!!!!!! We also heard it here in MTL.

    To bad for both retirements, but hey its a start.

    I hope you had a great time. It really must have been a hell of an experience!!!!
  • Too right it was an experiance!!!!! Absolutly amazing!!!

    we got on world feed a few times aswell, our group i mean!
  • Lucky bastards. Need to save up for next year.

  • we got on world feed a few times aswell, our group i mean!
    Dont forget Brazilian radio Friday and Sunday!!
  • You mean you were on Brazil radio - twice wasn't it? We have all become media whores!
  • We have all become media whores!
  • on the official team site, the picture of the Minardifest '05 crew with Mr. Minardi and PL Martini is in the Gallery section.
  • sounds like you're promoting your pic taking murph. give me a call man. I keep coming into pittsburgh for meetings with policticians and people who tell me they had lucnh with Hillary and Teddy kennedy yesterday (as was the breakfast meeting this AM) give me a yell and let's dine up at the Grandview Saloon so I cna see some of those damn pictures
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