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Secret testing!!!!!


  • hard to believe this sort of crap is going on... almost TOO hard to believe
  • The location is genuine and it has been used for race car testing in the past mostly just straight line stuff ,so who knows
  • Er.. that article refers to the Jaguar team? Uhhhh

  • i have a great disliking of those people... the people move next door to an existing airport, racetrack, or whatever and then protest about the noise...
  • Don't think that the testing at a private track was allowed. But I agree, I think that if you live next to a track you must put up with the noise.

    Privateers rule.
  • illegal testing does happen - mclaren used to do it at pembrey
  • Its not very secret if we know about it!
  • Ive got a mate at work who'sinto modelplanes (Jets and stuff)

    He regularly 'flys' at Elvinton and told me that F1 teams use it for straight line testing.

    I never really beleived him - but it looks like he did know what he was talking about:o

    Ill quiz him when I get back to work and see what info I can glean:P
  • In the past it has not been really that secret i remeber Jordan announcing in press releases about 5 years back that they were testing at Elvington to try and improve straight line speed and aero. That was back in the old school Formula1.com days.
  • There's nothing illegal about it. There is no rule that says teams are not allowed to test at these sites. It is however not acceptable according to "the gentleman's agreement". Which as Ferrari says is not an agreement...because of the lack of gentlemen !
    So if it is the case, what's the problem ? The deal was dead anyway.

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