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A year or two ago, I found a pic with some Minardi-Fans, holding up a banner "Minardi - World Champion 2025" Unfourtunatly, I had to re-install windows, so I don't have it anymore..... Anyone who knows which one I mean and who may send it to me?



  • Unfourtunatly, I had to re-install windows
    Don't you mean "routinely"?
  • Sad but true.
  • www.apple.com/switch
  • But as your wife proves, you CAN crash a mac!!!
  • I should NEVER have told that story!
  • Can't you just go to your backed up files???

    You did back up??

    or.......buy a Mac!

    (We may be a small minority like Minardi but a least we have soul!)
  • i prefer my PC. Macs aren't as fun.
  • You dont get the fun of repeated installs, system restores and bluscreens on a mac. ;);)
  • my pc's reliable. rarely plays up. Last time I re-installed windows was 2 years ago when I put on new harddrive because I needed more space.
  • Homer,

    I have the picture, you are looking for, give me your e-mail, and I will send it to you
  • I'd like to see it as well - can't it be posted here?

  • Thanks a lot :D

    [Edited on 10/5/2005 by Homer]

    [Edited on 10/5/2005 by Homer]
  • Cool - I don't want to but if that how long it takes to get the WCC then so be it. If GCM is up for it then so am I!
  • Thanks Joblo!!!


    Gotta love it!
  • Not as big as our banner!!!!!:angel:
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