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Interesting paddock tidbit about Webbo

This from Peter Windsor's GP preview:

Mark Webber has not had the best of starts to his Williams career, but is this relationship about to start gelling?

"I hope so. This is a crucial moment for the Williams-Webber partnership.

The team can either begin to doubt him, to think that their problems are all with their driver, or they can give Mark some support and allow him to do what he does well – ie, to manage a race weekend, to motivate those around him and to drive to an exceptionally high standard.

The right-side of the grid was not where you wanted to be at Imola and Mark suffered with the rest of them.

Then, trying to short-stop their way out of traffic, Williams managed to replicate Jarno Trulli’s programme.

There are plenty of people out there gunning for Mark, hoping to see him fail. I am not one of those.

I believe in him 100 per cent and that it’s only a matter of time before we see him winning races."


  • Its funny how Webber has this Love/Hate relationship with fans.

    I guess he needs to be a regular podium getter, or occasional winner to change minds. However there wont be too many in the FW27.

    Ah, I remember the good ol days here, you know, the Yoong V's Webber debates. Sadly it's all been a little ho hum since then.
  • I am sure Webber will come good. The 05 Williams is not a great car ( when was the last great williams?)and I think Mark is suffering from trying maybe too hard to impress. He has to start getting on top Heidfeld first - no mean achievement in itself but If he can do this then Podiums etc. should be his next objective.
  • The crap thing about this is that in F1 you have to be seen to paste your team mate to be driving well. Whos to say Webber and Heidfeld arent the two best drivers out there.

  • The biggest challenge is himself. He is just too impatient to try to get to the podiums and along the way he makes the mistakes.
    He shld take his time and drive like Hefield who just wait and sieze any opportunities when it comes along.
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