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New chassis for Jordan in July!

I was hoping that when Smith left Jordan that his new design was never going to be build. But now Jordan will come with a new car, Monteiro said today.
This is bad news for Minardi.


  • Don't panic. It will be a EJ15B, so I guess it will only be an update. But Minardi will also develop the PS05, who is showing a great potential.
  • I hope you're right, but Monteiro is talking about a totaly new one, the current car is only last years car with 2005 reg aero and is causing troubles with cooling the engine. I will be very different.
  • Yeah, I read about it last week.
    It will be a car built for the Toyo engine.

    Btw, did you guys also read that Samsung partnered Jordan !?:o
    IIRC we wrote one of the famous "sponsor-Minardi-and-we-will-buy-your-products" letters to Samsung and now they team up with the yellow fellows ??????????:spank:
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