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Interesting first qualifying session

Toyotas in First (Trulli) and 4th (Ralf). This is the low fuel lap remember, so that's flat out speed from the Toyotas. Pretty impressive. Of course Kimi and Alonso are less than 0.1s away.

Also, Albers is less than 1s away from the Jordans, I'm sure you all will enjoy that ;)

1 J. Trulli Toyota 1:14.795
2 F. Alonso Renault 1:14.811
3 K. Räikkönen McLaren 1:14.819
4 R. Schumacher Toyota 1:14.870
5 N. Heidfeld Williams 1:15.038
6 M. Webber Williams 1:15.042
7 M. Schumacher Ferrari 1:15.398
8 G. Fisichella Renault 1:15.601
9 R. Barrichello Ferrari 1:15.746
10 D. Coulthard Red Bull 1:15.795
11 F. Massa Sauber 1:15.863
12 JP. Montoya McLaren 1:15.902
13 V. Liuzzi Red Bull 1:16.288
14 J. Villeneuve Sauber 1:16.794
15 N. Karthikeyan Jordan 1:18.557
16 T. Monteiro Jordan 1:19.040
17 C. Albers Minardi 1:19.563
18 P. Friesacher Minardi 1:20.306



  • CA could have been a bit faster, he was beyond the limits in a few corners.. :(
  • Impressive work from Albers. It's really a pity that the balance of the car is off and grip is lacking. With increased testing and some aero work it could be a fairly respectable machine, I think. If only a new sponsor would appear..

    Villeneuve seems to be on the way out. He picked up at San Marino, but now appears to be losing it again. Fisichella has also been very invisible recently :(.
  • Minardi are using the same engine as Red Bull, but the difference between the two teams is approx. 4 seconds! :o Michelin probably hava a better tire for qualification, but still the difference is awfully big.

    The good news is that with a little bit of more experience with the new car Minardi might finnally battle with Jordan. That will be a huge morale boosting for the team.

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  • we'll see tomorrow!
    we can hope for a number of retirements also and some reliabilty from the car so that we might finish in the points!
  • remember two cars are already out! :D
  • Barrichello changed engine so he will be relegated ten places!
  • Hrm, I think it is pretty clear that Minardi for whatever reason is running nearly no wing. I mean, straightline speed is useful, but not if you can't turn worth a damn. You make up a couple hundredths in the straight line areas, then lose several seconds on the technical parts.

    Just look at Trulli, nearly the worst speed in the speedtrap, and the fastest lap. Minardi really needs to crank that wing and gain some grip.

    1 21 Christijan Albers 13:13:40 321.3
    2 20 Patrick Friesacher 13:05:10 319.6
    3 11 Jacques Villeneuve 13:37:09 317.6
    4 1 Michael Schumacher 13:39:07 317.4
    5 5 Fernando Alonso 13:40:45 317.2
    6 12 Felipe Massa 13:20:18 317.1
    7 6 Giancarlo Fisichella 13:03:37 317.0
    8 2 Rubens Barrichello 13:08:52 316.2
    9 15 Vitantonio Liuzzi 13:28:09 315.8
    10 14 David Coulthard 13:18:33 315.6
    11 9 Kimi Räikkönen 13:06:57 314.2
    12 7 Mark Webber 13:28:39 313.4
    13 17 Ralf Schumacher 13:25:05 312.9
    14 16 Jarno Trulli 13:32:11 312.9
    15 10 Juan Pablo Montoya 13:01:53 312.7
    16 8 Nick Heidfeld 13:30:31 312.7
    17 18 Tiago Monteiro 13:15:17 311.6
    18 19 Narain Karthikeyan 13:16:55 311.5

  • Good point. Except for Jordan, everyone with a low top-speed has a good lap-time.
  • Good Job Minardi! Good laps...

    Forza Minardi!
  • Its getting better! I don't think both cars will be on the back row because of engine penalties.

    With those straightline speeds, all we need now is a circuit with two long straights and two hairpins and we will be sorted!
    Could run well at Monza?
  • That's not exactly true either, cause then everyone else will adjust their aerodynamic settings to get a good top-speed. And I'm sure most of the other teams have more aerodynamic efficient chassis and powerful engines. Minardi are fastest in straightline speed because it is unimportant for a good laptime. Not because they have a superior chassis for straightline speed.
  • It could simply be that the next highest wing setting doesn't result in a faster laptime. New end plates might be needed to allow for a compromise.

    Or I'm wrong. :D
  • Or like Stoddart said- the new rules have been very efffective at slowing Minardi down, while the other teams have just solved the problem with oceans of money.

    Hopefully, given time, Minardi will also solve the problem. I think we are better placed than Jordan.
  • There's no fundamental reason, knowing what I do about each team and car, that Minardi shouldn't be able to overtake Jordan with a bit of time. Judging the aero by aesthetics as well as the numbers on paper point to Minardi having the better package, indeed.

    Drivers will be the biggest variable.
  • Also regarding tracks with long straigts and the other teams taking wing off- this might apply to all teams but Jordan?
  • Patrick isn't able to get the wright control over the Minardi:(.
    He said it himself to a dutch reporter, that he can't get the can under control with his raw driving.
    A good driver must adapt to the car, alos Albers said it that you must adapt your driving style to the car at the moment.
    Hope Patrick can fix that for himself cause he is losing alot to Albers.
  • it is very beautiful to see how Albers send the Minardi around, he is showing skills to drive this car so smooth and also fast:)
  • Guys, don't forget that at Magny Cours Jordan will have their new interim car with new gearbox and aero package !!!!!!
    Carlin hopes it will bring them 1 sec. per lap !!!
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