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Jordan banned from Canada

Just the third car.

They used too many sets of tyres, therefore gaining a competitive advantage.

Montagny will or Doornbos will not race in Canada.

MAZkes our times a little more respectable.


  • I just thought the third car was banned - does not affect the race.
  • I wonder how they managed to use 6 tyre sets instead of 4. I mean, can't they count?

    [Edited on 28/5/2005 by Stan]
  • oneski, twoski, threeski, fourski, fiveski, sixski
  • It's only the third car thats banned for Canada.
  • that only gives us a very slight and very small advantage...
  • It would be more of an advantage if we would use the third car.

    Zsolt or Kiesa need to find some money soon.
  • wonder how they managed to use 6 tyre sets instead of 4. I mean, can't they count?
    Sure they can count, but I think Doornbos was right when he told on Dutch tv that the team gave those extra tyres to Montagny to make him look quicker. There's a lot of politics going around. Not that it realy helped Montagny.
  • Doornbos also told TV that Montagny had 18000 revs on the engine and that he wasn't allowed more than 17500 revs.
    I don't understand this. It's the 3rd car. Who cares if they blow the engine using more revs????
  • I liked that when he noticed they used too many tyres noone seemed to care.

    Jordan's wiping their behinds with the regulations...
  • http://www.formula-1.updatesport.com/news/article/1118049694/formula_one/F1business/Jordan-request-penalty-delay/view.html


    Great!!! They can't show off 3 cars to their sponsors !!!
    They should have thought about this before deciding to let Montagny have 6 sets of tyres !!!!:spank:
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