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Nurburg race

It's 7.30pm London and no-one has posted a race thread?! Where is everyone?

Well, what a finish - Michelin had a bad day, methinks. Kimi wasn't the only one to have bother but what a crash - the suspension couldn't hang on any longer.

Minardis bad off the line - Jordans left us for dead and then it seemed to me Paddy made the wrong call in the corner - he could have cut inside but c'est la vie. Where has our pace gone? (if that doesn't sound too ridiculous to any no-Minardistas reading this!)

Umm ... oh! Schumi hahahhahahahhahahahhahaha.


  • another good race, felt bad for Raikk, but it made it interesting didn't it?

    And there's 2 reasons to celebrate coming up:

    1. Minardis in Montreal next race, where they always run strong, and
    2. I'm going to be there!!!

  • It wasn't a very good performance by Minardi thats for sure. Felt sorry for Kimi. My drive of the day goes to Nick. He's starting to show himself to be a decent pilot!

    Question though. How were we so off the pace here?

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  • I'm sorry, but after the race I went to the beach!!!!

    Great race. Lot'sa action!
    Bad luck for Kimi and Massa. Good luck for Alonso.
    Goodraces by Nick, Rubinho and Fisico who managed to end 6th from starting in the pitlane!!!!!

    Btw, how come we were so slow today???
    Lotsa coverage of Pat's car. The TV director must be a fan of his!
  • It wasn't a very good performance by Minardi thats for sure. Felt sorry for Kimi. My drive of the day goes to Nick. He's starting to show himself to be a decent pilot!

    Question though. How were we so off the pace here?

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    I must admit to falling asleep but judging from the classifications and the fact that Albers had a drive-through... didn't we do okay compared to the past, being 2 laps down?
  • Great race, but not for us.

    The car is better. Albers was the quicker of the 2 today, but he lost out at the start, got stuck behind Pat, then got the drive through, but still came out on top. If he hadn't screwed up qualifying and got caught napping at Turn 1, we might have had something better to talk about.

    Again I say, how come that yellow dog is faster?
  • The Jordans did very impresive laptimes in the race with Kartikeyan doing a 1.33.2 and Monteiro 1.33.4, where did the speed came from if you look at the times they set in the practice and quali???
    Both Minardi have finished the race!
    Maybe it was smarter from Patrick his side to let Albers by in the beginning because Albers was a second per lap faster, but the guys want to compete with each other and that's the way it should be, the Jordans where to fast!
    Albers must get his quali better and Patrick must get his race pace beter!
    I am confident for Canada cause that's a track that suites the Minardi's;)

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  • I thought it was very good for us, both finishing, and we cut down the laps behind from 4 to 2. A little more pace would be good though.
  • Went to bed with 19 to go, so missed Kimi's off.

    Shame for him, as he drove a pretty solid race.

    Alonso was the also man today and keeps impressing. He was never going to win on the track so he just put himself in a position where he could capitalise on any problems.

    Good luck to Nicky boy as he really gets his head down and does his own thing. Well done.

    DC is having a great time at Red Bull and may yet find his way back to the big time if Montoya continues his 'me only' style of driving. I generally don't get involved in the Webber debate, cause as far as I'm concerned, he can look after himself. I was disapointed that having acknowledged that he was too deep into the corner protecting from Trulli (and that is very understandable), the other camp said that he drove into Montoya. The Columbian started his turn in after the Williams was heading straight. I don't suppose anyone is going to remember when Webber was in the exact same position in Sepang, that he turned away from the straight-lining Fish. Never mind. At least he fulfilled my prophesy as manifest in the picking comp. After all the crap he has had either leaving the corner to the kamikazes that sooner, or later he would have a go and luck would not be with him.

    As for the Minardis, their lap times were reasonable and fastest laps less than 5 seconds from the leader. Finishing distance was up on last year as well. The Jordanskis found something in their race setup that wasn't there in practice and qualifying. Very odd. I think a swab might be in order.

    I reckon we might do better in both the US and Canada. A compbination of very slow corners and big long straights seem to deliver what the PS05 does best so here's hoping.

  • Great race, spectacular 'off' from Kimi and that darker edge of me might have wished him to (lightly) tag Button so that post-race McLaren would've received a penalty of some sort.... ;)

    We didn't look too bad, but the Jordans were relative jets yesterday and the team has to suck it up and find more race pace somewhere.

    I was disappointed in Mark's first corner stuff up, but he gave something a go and if he hadn't he would've been about 6th after that corner and it would've been 'Webber is a crap starter' all over again. He had to try and keep Trulli and Montoya at bay and it just didn't happen. Like Lease, i was annoyed that Ron put the entire blame at Mark's door.... he might have admitted it was his fault (and how rare is that for a driver), but surely Monty should've left a little more room there. Some of you may have noted that Nick's start was equally slow - I think either the launch control needs more refinement, or that BMW really lacks low down get-away punch! :o Well done to Nick btw, great drive, he really has some ascendancy in that team at the monent. Starting first out in qualifying next race has pretty much ruined Mark's Americana swing. :(

  • 2005 is looking like Alonso's year. Seems to get the good luck. Even when he has a tough race like Monaco he still bags points. Unfortunately with Kimi it's hit or miss.

    Trulli and Coulthard, just plain unlucky. I have to say I'm starting to like DC a little bit....cough.... Nurse!

    Nick, well done...Mark, we need to get these starts going. In an interview before the race he said that he expects to get swamped before the first corner, and just wants to keep Trulli behind. Unfortunately he said it isn't a quick fix.

    Ralf is just shit, and so is JPM. He could have done more to avoid the clash with Mark, like looking in his mirrors. Even so, he had a fast car and just stuffed around.

    Looking at the fastest laps Minardi around 2 secs behind Jordan. We seriously need aero work.
    1. Fernando Alonso - Renault - 1'30.711 - lap 44
    2. Kimi Raikkonen - McLaren Mercedes - 1'30.940 - lap 9
    3. Rubens Barrichello - Ferrari - 1'31.028 - lap 44
    4. Nick Heidfeld - BMW Williams - 1'31.124 - lap 9
    5. David Coulthard - Red Bull Cosworth - 1'31.306 - lap 19
    6. Michael Schumacher - Ferrari - 1'31.503 - lap 19
    7. Giancarlo Fisichella - Renault - 1'31.708 - lap 47
    8. Ralf Schumacher - Toyota - 1'31.724 - lap 21
    9. Jarno Trulli - Toyota - 1'31.779 - lap 43
    10. Juan Pablo Montoya - McLaren Mercedes - 1'31.807 - lap 42
    11. Takuma Sato - BAR Honda - 1'31.889 - lap 26
    12. Jenson Button - BAR Honda - 1'31.955 - lap 20
    13. Vitantonio Liuzzi - Red Bull Cosworth - 1'31.971 - lap 43
    14. Felipe Massa - Sauber Petronas - 1'32.329 - lap 18
    15. Jacques Villeneuve - Sauber Petronas - 1'32.583 - lap 41
    16. Narain Karthikeyan - Jordan Toyota - 1'33.292 - lap 21
    17. Tiago Monteiro - Jordan Toyota - 1'33.425 - lap 39
    18. Christijan Albers - Minardi Cosworth - 1'35.047 - lap 18
    19. Patrick Friesacher - Minardi Cosworth - 1'35.536 - lap 18
  • judging from the times, also looks like MS doesn't care anymore.

    and what's happening to Fisi? This isn't like him..
  • He's a beaten man, that's what.
  • P1, Monaco showed he is not beaten, mentally at least. His fastest lap was on low tanks just before the first stop.

    The Bridgestones seemed to struggle once they cooled down after the pits stops.
  • I have nothing positive to say.
  • I was talking about Fisi, 'roo.
  • fair nuff...Fisi doesn't seem able to get his set up right.

    I recall during the Malaysian GP when we were plugged in to Renault's radio comms, Fisi's engineer was chatting to him before the pitstop as to what adjustments he wanted to wings and tyres. He gave him about 3 options and said what do you want to do. Fisi just said, that sounds ok. The engineer was confused, and I think so was Fisi.

    I wonder if Fisi can articulate in English what he really wants?
  • Hey, hey, Quig, come on fella. We need your relentless California Dreamin' positivity otherwise we may as well pack up.

    Roo, DC, y'see?! The guy is a diamond. OK, he was never as good, consistently, as Mika but that's a very high standard. Clearly, he should have left McLaren earlier.

    Webbo now has a problem but I sincerely hope he digs deep and just has a bit of luck! JPM is on the skids.

    Fisi drove well as did Alonso - he has to be the championship favourite despite the pace of Kimi.

    Bravo Lil' Nick. Look! He smiles!
  • Ralf is just shit, and so is JPM. He could have done more to avoid the clash with Mark, like looking in his mirrors.
    Looking in his mirrors?? He knew Webber was there. Were his mirrors going to tell him that Webber decided not to turn?
    I liked what Mark said after the race that "It's not up to Juan Pablo to give me room at that stage" though.
  • I'm not saying it was JPM's fault, it was Mark's. All I'm saying is that JPM could have afforded more room. After all he is on the outside turning in.
  • Of course he could but that goes for almost anyone who gets caught in someone else's mess. No matter what you do there's no way you can avoid a car with locked brakes spearing into you in a turn.
  • It was a racing situation, no need to find quilty ones.

    The race was positive for us because we have found our reliability back. In the race we were little over 4 seconds off the pace, which is not bad. Unfortunately our competitors were way faster and we must find more pace.
  • Does anybody know if the Jordan's chose different tyres than the Minardi's??

    Re. Renault:
    the car is difficult to drive. Ask Trulli and Villeneuve!!!
    I believe it's built for Alonso's agressive driving style.
    Fisico has a much cleaner style and I think the car doesn't suit him that well !!!
  • Reliability was the best thing to come out of the race for us but where our pace went or the Jordans came from who knows? Now we are reliable we need to be putting in some serious test milage to learn more about the car and extract the speed
  • Maybe having a car that is mechanically and aerodynamically unstable, and snakes around even in a straight line, is the only way to generate grip on Bridgestones?
  • Again I say, how come that yellow dog is faster?
    And the Indian is thinking that there is more to follow

    from paddocktalk.com:

    Forget Jordan F1... Minardi Eyeing Sauber and Red Bull with New Car

    Forget the duel with Minardi, Jordan intend to race the balance of 2005 against Sauber and Red Bull.

    Indian rookie Narain Karthikeyan, 28, said the current lull - with the redeveloped 2004-spec Jordan car at or near the very back of the grid - is just 'a bad phase.'

    Click READ MORE for the full story.

    ''We need to get out of it as fast as possible,'' he told the Indian Telegraph newspaper.

    In an injection of some optimism down Silverstone way, the team is working on a 'b' spec car that should be ready to roll after the upcoming North American GP leg.

    ''With that car,'' NK continued, ''we hopefully expect to challenge Sauber and Red Bull.

    ''It's frustrating at the moment.''
  • Challenge Sauber: possible

    Challenge Red Bull: no way !!!! They are too far ahead.
  • What Minardi need is more aero downforce. That produces more tyre grip and less sliding and hence more pace. AFAIK the team are not in the windtunnel so where is the speed going to come from.
    Its catch 22. Minardi need to find more pace to usrp Jordan from ninth place monies. But without more sponsorship/investment this won't happen. In addition findind more money would allow the chance to build a car to take the Cosworth V8.
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