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Moto GP - Italy

What a great race. Max is back! He rode a great race. He had his honda at the absolute limit. Rossi did his usual surgical best, but the ride of the day has to go to Biaggi. If he keeps up his consistancy with rides like this he may well start to climb up the rankings.


  • did anyone catch the 125 race? how spectacular was that?

    the funny thing is that people complain about f1 being boring because the same guy wins all the time... well...
  • This Moto GP stuff is outstanding. Great racing all round
  • great race.
    Italians do it better:D
  • Tas, Max did ride well, but this is Italy!

    A guy of his experience should be at this level at most races, not just his own.

    Expect a broom through the MotoGP ranks at the end of the season and quite a few 250 guys move up.
  • Spot on Roo. If Max can do this more often, I might pay him some attention, but he's been crapping oon about his talent since coming into the top class.

    From memory he was going to blow Mick Doohan into the weeds. I didn't happen then and I doubt that Max will continue his form from Mugello too far into the future.
  • Bayliss has been soo disappointing. He may as well pack his bags now. Got my licence on the weekend, so in 12 months I am off restrictions. Really want to get on something big next time I go down the Island, nonne of this 250 crap.
  • Don't rush it JM, you could be the next Casey Stoner!!! :P
  • I think I missed the boat by a coupl of years... although I've got all the right connections now.
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