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US Grand Prix

A few thoughts before I head out to Indy on Friday for the race. Maybe some of the senior members of the board have some insight on the following.

1. Will there be any additional aero developement in the coming races. I am disappointed in not seeing a more radical front wing to create more downforce which appears to be the main problem as the speed traps statistics have been very good.

2. Why doesn't the team think about taking a car to Las Vegas and cutting a promotional deal with one of the casino's or the city of Las Vegas to run a car in the streets. The amount of interest and sponsorship $ that would be created by such a demonstration could be enoromous. The rumors of a 2nd US race being held in Vegas could also help create demand for sponsorship. The USGP is most watched (live) race of the entire season and it is sad there is currently no US Sponsorship for the Team. The team should become more aggressive and creative with regard to sponsorship. We need $ and we need it now!



  • Jordan will announce their 2006 engine supplier at the USGP !!!!

    Rumors say it will be Mercedes (or even Toyota).
    I think it will be Cosworth, linking Indy to Cosworth's American owners !!!!!!
  • Also speculation of Albers being possible Jordan/Mercedes Driver.
  • DD - we have a big group going to Indy. If you'd like a copy of the Clubs agenda email me at
    minardiusa (at)mac.com and I will send you a word doc. maybe you can meet some of the gang and help show your support for the team

  • Preview from F1live.com:
    One year on and Minardi return
    US GP - Minardi Cosworth - Preview

    One year ago Minardi scored its last World Championship points at the US Grand Prix. Heading to Indianapolis, the home of the US Grand Prix, the squad have a vastly superior car at its disposal in the PS05, but as ever, as Minardi make gains, so do its main rivals.

    Zsolt Baumgartner finished the US Grand Prix in eighth position last year, scoring the team’s sole point of the 2004 season. Last’ year’s event saw six of the 20 runners crash out of the Grand Prix, undoubtedly aiding Baumgartner’s eventual race position.

    This year Minardi have been more competitive compared to its nearest rival Jordan Toyota. Last time out at the Canadian Grand Prix Christijan Albers did a fine job in qualifying to start in 15th position ahead of Christian Klien in the Red Bull Cosworth, Narain Karthikeyan and Tiago Monteiro. The race however was another proposition and Albers was the final finisher, although 11th position marked the team’s best result of the season.

    Patrick Friesacher suffered what at best could be described as a difficult weekend in Montreal, running at the back in both qualification and the race, admitting that he selected the wrong Bridgestone compound, before hydraulic issues ended his race prematurely.

    Minardi’s target again this weekend at Indianapolis is to battle hard with the Jordan Toyota duo and if history were to repeat itself, it would be a just reward for a much improved showing in recent events with the PS05.
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