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french Gp

alonso and raikkonen were amazing.
Fisichella's problems are getting grotesque. He lost at least 2 positions for the pitstops.
We're still ahead of Bar:hehe:

In the first part Albers was ahead of Monteiro. It lasted until the first pit. That's good. Both the caes not finishing was not that good.


  • Fiissi sure has had his share of bad luck ok. Alonso is looking to be a great champion in the making. Once again our Minardi's looked very poor It was dissapointing to see the Jordans pull away. Any idea what caused the 2 tyre problems?

    On to Silverstone different track and hopefully something to cheer about.
    By the way nice to see Brundel on ITV interviewing the back of the grid for a change!
  • Yes, that was good ... apart from Paddy talking about joining 'a better team'. I know what he means but still ...
  • Sedition!
  • Valve stem caps!
  • The best thing was that TOIT took a lap from Alonso and (what is woese) from Raikko who started 8-10 positions behind.

    Schuei will have to abdicate this year. I hope the fight between the bull and the reindeer lasts until the end.

    And honestly I hope the reindeer to win at the end.
    Because as you know Briatore is an obscene man.

    I don't know if you notice the most amazing thing this year: Trulli's performance in qualification:o. He got a pole, four second and three third places with a car that in the race takes 6-8 tenths per lap from Renault and McLaren. If he stayed with Renault he would have got 12 poles this year.

    Fisi and JPM are at the end of their F1 carers, even though for different reasons.
  • I guess Fisico will finish his career like this:
    he'll be ahead of alonso in some race and Briatore will shot him with a bazooka from the pits.
  • Now THAT I'd watch.
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