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Friday at Budapest

1st session just ended.

Nissany's session ended soon when he ended into thre gravel trap in his 6th lap !!!!
1 A. Wurz McLaren 1:21.411 20
2 R. Barrichello Ferrari 1:22.834 +0:01.423 8
3 J. Button BAR 1:23.028 +0:01.617 12
4 K. Räikkönen McLaren 1:23.159 +0:01.748 7
5 M. Schumacher Ferrari 1:23.234 +0:01.823 8
6 F. Massa Sauber 1:23.375 +0:01.964 10
7 N. Heidfeld Williams 1:23.384 +0:01.973 8
8 J. Montoya McLaren 1:23.558 +0:02.147 7
9 T. Sato BAR 1:23.679 +0:02.268 12
10 R. Schumacher Toyota 1:23.706 +0:02.295 6
11 J. Trulli Toyota 1:23.764 +0:02.353 8
12 F. Alonso Renault 1:23.833 +0:02.422 9
13 M. Webber Williams 1:23.918 +0:02.507 8
14 G. Fisichella Renault 1:23.940 +0:02.529 8
15 V. Liuzzi Red Bull 1:24.174 +0:02.763 19
16 R. Zonta Toyota 1:24.270 +0:02.859 18
17 J. Villeneuve Sauber 1:24.683 +0:03.272 10
18 N. Karthikeyan Jordan 1:26.130 +0:04.719 14
19 R. Doornbos Minardi 1:27.011 +0:05.600 16
20 T. Monteiro Jordan 1:27.344 +0:05.933 8
21 C. Albers Minardi 1:27.540 +0:06.129 8
22 N. Kiesa Jordan 1:28.230 +0:06.819 19
23 C. Nissany Minardi 1:34.319 +0:12.908 8


  • 5-6 seconds off the pace but im sure we will improve the setup.

    Nissany is 12 seconds down, I wonder if he'll get a race seat at TOIT if MS retires? ;)
  • What happend to Chris, he only drove the last minutes of the session and in the beginning there was a stop sign in his information lap, i hope its not his engine!
  • On Europsport live timing there was a list with drivers that use a new engine this weekend.
    Doornbos was on that list !!

    Question: does DBos continue the count of 2 weekends for the enginechange that Friesacher used or does he get a new count?????

    Because, if he has a new count, then he only used his engine 1 weekend and changed it now, which means he will start last on the grid on Sunday !!
  • I think that engine is more 'car-related' then 'driver-related', so he'll be fine.
  • I'm not so sure about the engine being car related, because there was a GP this season where Sato broke his car.
    The pitcrew changed his engine to the spare car and sent him back out !!!!!!!
  • ok, so the engine, is in fact engine ralated. Nothing to worry about.
  • I'm not so sure about the engine being car related, because there was a GP this season where Sato broke his car.
    The pitcrew changed his engine to the spare car and sent him back out !!!!!!!
    At Canada, they replaced the gearbox in the middle of the race and sent him back out. Not the engine.

    I'm certain that the one-engine-for-two-races rule applies to the car, regardless of the driver.
    Otherwise, if a driver swapped teams between races, he'd have to take that engine with him... Can you imagine Renault being forced to somehow make a Ferrari engine fit into one oif their cars for a single race to avoid the penalty if they were to poach Schumacher halfway thought the season? :P
  • CA & RD back on track

    They both move ahead of the jordans:-

    Doornbos 1:26:286
    Albers 1:26:467
    Monteiro 1:26:501
    Karthikeyan 1:26:714
  • Schumacher (M) has stopped on the circuit! :o :D
  • Can anyone suggest the best (free) live timing to look at. The one I usually use seems to be having problems.
  • formula1.com
  • Official live timing is quickest but you need java and registration

    I also use :-

    For extra info
  • Karthikeyan and montiero have moved ahead of the Minardis :(

    But Albers has managed a 1:24:093 :D:D:D

    [Edited on 29/7/2005 by JumpeySpyder]
  • Doornbos 1:23:670

    Both minardis over a second ahead of the yellows
    and just tenths from Massa, sat & Villeneurve
  • Doornbos rocks! :cool:
  • Seeing that the RBR have the upgraded Cosworth engine, Sould comparisions not be made between Minardi and RBR rather than the Massa, Sato and Villeneuve

    Nice to see the cars creeping closer hopefully Saturday results in a little more improvement. Doornbos has settled into the new car very quickly.
  • 1 R. Zonta Toyota 1:20.409 24
    2 A. Wurz McLaren 1:20.519 +0:00.110 35
    3 K. Räikkönen McLaren 1:21.281 +0:00.872 18
    4 J. Trulli Toyota 1:21.410 +0:01.001 26
    5 R. Schumacher Toyota 1:21.631 +0:01.222 24
    6 J. Montoya McLaren 1:21.662 +0:01.253 17
    7 R. Barrichello Ferrari 1:21.914 +0:01.505 23
    8 F. Alonso Renault 1:22.473 +0:02.064 21
    9 J. Button BAR 1:22.544 +0:02.135 29
    10 C. Klien Red Bull 1:22.626 +0:02.217 23
    11 G. Fisichella Renault 1:22.652 +0:02.243 21
    12 N. Heidfeld Williams 1:22.861 +0:02.452 16
    13 D. Coulthard Red Bull 1:22.886 +0:02.477 24
    14 V. Liuzzi Red Bull 1:22.913 +0:02.504 15
    15 M. Webber Williams 1:22.935 +0:02.526 18
    16 J. Villeneuve Sauber 1:23.558 +0:03.149 23
    17 T. Sato BAR 1:23.560 +0:03.151 12
    18 F. Massa Sauber 1:23.574 +0:03.165 25
    19 R. Doornbos Minardi 1:23.670 +0:03.261 23
    20 C. Albers Minardi 1:24.093 +0:03.684 21
    21 T. Monteiro Jordan 1:24.862 +0:04.453 24
    22 N. Karthikeyan Jordan 1:25.184 +0:04.775 25
    23 N. Kiesa Jordan 1:25.269 +0:04.860 17
    Nissany didn't drive.
  • Chanoch did not go out during the second session image
  • Otherwise, if a driver swapped teams between races, he'd have to take that engine with him...
    Ah, so that's why Doorknobs is so quick. There's a Toyota in the back!
  • Chanoch did not go out during the second session image
    I believe he spun the car in practice session 1 - maybe he did some damage.:spank:
  • Thanks for the steers on live timing- great result as well!!
  • Isn't Paul Stoddart doing a great job by the way.
  • Excellent, I'd say.
    Dornboos was very quick, 1tenth from Villeneuve massa and sato. The jhordans are against on the back. We're improving more and more. I wish there wasn't any Indianapolis, we eould have finished ninteh in the championship I guess.
  • Bridgestone seem to have a better tire here. TOIT are closer to the front and we might even compete with the Michelin backmarkers.
  • Sad that Albers was blocked by Kiesa in his fastest lap or maybe else he would stay ahead of Massa cause he was in the first two sektors faster then Doornbos, Both Minardi's did well today, Doornbos is beter then Friesacher i think
  • I wonder with which excuses TRDW will come up?
  • Why excuses???
    Because the fact that he is a little slower then RD today?
    How many time Friesacher was faster in Friday free practise and Albers destroyed him in saturday quali:hehe:
    I know you don't like Chris, but keep it clean!
  • Let's just wait and see...
  • Both have done a good job today:D:D

    Good times, closer to the front and in front of the Jordans to boot!!!

    I wonder how much useful info our 3rd chassis got us?
  • The Indian is getting concerned about our progress:
    Jordan driver Narain Karthikeyan is concerned by the progress Minardi has been making with its new car, while the updated Jordan car keeps being delayed due to cooling problems. In this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix Karthikeyan is aiming to claim his ninth race finish of the season.

    "My goal is to fight and finish the race," Karthikeyan said. "Many of our competitors have worked a lot on their cars, including Minardi which is a worry for us until we take a step forward with the new car."
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