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Habemus third driver!



  • And then fabriziobarbazza caught a case of scurvy...
  • Scurvy schmurvy. We owe it to those who went before us, they spent eons evolving the species until we made it to the top of the food chain. What was the point if now we can't eat everything below us on that chain?

    Bloody herbivores!!! Piss of into the bush with the rest of your kind, so us carnivores can come a huntin'. Quigley where's my gun?
  • oznomad, I am REALLY starting to LIKE the way you think. Scary in't it?
  • Quigley where's my gun?
    Cleaned, lubed, cocked and locked I hope.
  • Scary for who Bernie, you or me??? ;)

    Thanks Quig, grab the ammo. Although we probably should give 'em head start.
  • They'll only die tired.
  • the best would have been: favourite food: pork


    [Edited on 18/8/2005 by snoeper]
  • I apologize in advance for stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway... :angel:

    When and how did Enrico got his super-licence? I have no knoledge that he has tested a Formula 1 car before the Minardi deal.
  • I don't know, but maybe being runner-up in last year's F3000 championship was enough to get it !!!
  • I do believe he won a race in F3000. That automatically qualifies you for one.
  • I know I'm bringing back an oldish topic here. But it looks like the thrid car he was running, was not upto date. In particular front and rear wings (shows you how much the car has been developed tho).

  • Yes the rear wing main element was one spec behind as were the end plates. No indication of whether it was for comparison or to save parts/money.
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