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Turkey GP

Am I wrong or did the first practise session start at 9am (uk time)


  • Yes.

    It judst ended now.

    De La Rosa was fastest, despite red flagging the session when his car stopped.

    Doornbos had gearbox issues:
    10:43 "Slow down, come in!" shouts Doornbos' engineer on the radio. "Is their something wrong?" asks the Dutchman. "A problem with the gear box," is the reply....
    Pos.No.DriverTeamCarTyreTimeGap (TB)Gap (TN)Details 135de la RosaMcLarenMP4-20M1:27.882+00:00.000+00:00.000OUT (Technical) 29RaikkonenMcLarenMP4-20M1:28.453+00:00.571+00:00.571 37WebberWilliamsFW27M1:28.765+00:00.883+00:00.312 438ZontaToyotaTF105M1:28.810+00:00.928+00:00.045 53ButtonB.A.R007M1:28.968+00:01.086+00:00.158 610MontoyaMcLarenMP4-20M1:29.183+00:01.301+00:00.215 75AlonsoRenaultR25M1:29.283+00:01.401+00:00.100 81M SchumacherFerrariF2005B1:29.766+00:01.884+00:00.483 94SatoB.A.R007M1:30.050+00:02.168+00:00.284 106FisichellaRenaultR25M1:30.106+00:02.224+00:00.056 1112MassaSauberC24M1:30.368+00:02.486+00:00.262 1217R SchumacherToyotaTF105M1:30.563+00:02.681+00:00.195 1316TrulliToyotaTF105M1:30.785+00:02.903+00:00.222 148HeidfeldWilliamsFW27M1:30.847+00:02.965+00:00.062 1511VilleneuveSauberC24M1:30.847+00:02.965+00:00.000 1615KlienRed BullRB1M1:31.008+00:03.126+00:00.161 172BarrichelloFerrariF2005B1:31.294+00:03.412+00:00.286 1814CoulthardRed BullRB1M1:31.306+00:03.424+00:00.012 1937LiuzziRed BullRB1M1:31.353+00:03.471+00:00.047 2018MonteiroJordanEJ15B1:32.147+00:04.265+00:00.794 2139KiesaJordanEJ15B1:32.501+00:04.619+00:00.354 2219KarthikeyanJordanEJ15B1:32.866+00:04.984+00:00.365 2320AlbersMinardiPS05B1:34.403+00:06.521+00:01.537 2421DoornbosMinardiPS05B1:35.367+00:07.485+00:00.964 2540ToccaceloMinardiPS05B1:36.411+00:08.529+00:01.044
    Next session at 13.00h European time!!!!
  • at what GMT time will the official qualifying start? also the race is at what time?
  • Go to www.formula1.com, selwct the Turkish GP.
    Then select the timetable and finally click on "convert to local time".

    There you have it.;)
  • Pic from our new 3rd driver:
  • 2nd session is underway:

    Doornbos finally made it on track after 40 minutes into the session. He had gearbox problems in the 1st session.

    Nice detail about Albers:
    13:40 Albers crosses the line with today's top speed of 329 kph...
  • Time Diff lap

    1 R. Zonta Toyota 1:25.583
    2 P. De La Rosa McLaren 1:26.196 +0:00.613
    3 J. Montoya McLaren 1:26.525 +0:00.942
    4 K. Räikkönen McLaren 1:27.274 +0:01.691
    5 J. Button BAR 1:27.346 +0:01.763
    6 V. Liuzzi Red Bull 1:27.578 +0:01.995
    7 F. Alonso Renault 1:27.579 +0:01.996
    8 G. Fisichella Renault 1:27.673 +0:02.090
    9 J. Trulli Toyota 1:27.964 +0:02.381
    10 T. Sato BAR 1:28.081 +0:02.498
    11 M. Webber Williams 1:28.120 +0:02.537
    12 D. Coulthard Red Bull 1:28.235 +0:02.652
    13 M. Schumacher Ferrari 1:28.293 +0:02.710
    14 J. Villeneuve Sauber 1:28.404 +0:02.821
    15 R. Barrichello Ferrari 1:28.460 +0:02.877
    16 R. Schumacher Toyota 1:28.641 +0:03.058
    17 F. Massa Sauber 1:28.681 +0:03.098
    18 C. Klien Red Bull 1:28.828 +0:03.245
    19 N. Heidfeld Williams 1:28.959 +0:03.376
    20 T. Monteiro Jordan 1:30.626 +0:05.043
    21 R. Doornbos Minardi 1:30.628 +0:05.045
    22 C. Albers Minardi 1:30.730 +0:05.147
    23 N. Kiesa Jordan 1:30.884 +0:05.301
    24 N. Karthikeyan Jordan 1:30.899 +0:05.316
    25 E. Toccacelo Minardi 1:32.813 +0:07.230
  • Looks like the mechanics are saying to Toccacelo: "What happened to the rest of the car?" in that pic!

    Times look reasonable in comparison to Jordan. Are Jordan using the EJ15B yet?
  • I won't see the video until I get home - how does the circuit look? Is it just anopther cookie cutter Tilke?

    Elevation changes? Blind corners?

    The EJ 15 was cancelled or delayed indefinately wasn't it?
  • HA ! I beat you all to it!

    From Faenza:


    ISTANBUL, TURKEY, August 19, 2005 – For only the second time this season, the Minardi F1 Team ran a third car in the first two official practice sessions of a Grand Prix weekend, Enrico Toccacelo today making his debut as the Faenza squad’s test and reserve driver. As expected, the young Roman was soon up to speed, which was no small achievement considering the challenging nature of Istanbul’s Kurtkoy International Circuit, scene of Sunday’s inaugural Grand Prix of Turkey. Regular drivers Christijan Albers and Robert Doornbos also spent much of the day’s allocated track time acclimatising to the demands of the undulating, 5.340-km circuit. By end of the day, the team had made good progress, despite Doornbos losing the final run of the morning, and part of the afternoon session, while a gearbox problem was rectified.

    ROBERT DOORNBOS Best lap: 1 min 30.628 secs Position: 21st
    “It’s great to be in Turkey, and at an amazing circuit. To drive it is very exciting, as there are corners where you can really make a difference as a driver, and you feel the adrenalin pumping as a result. Initially, it went really well this morning, as I started with a four-lap run and set a reasonable time. Unfortunately, a problem then developed with the pressure in the gearbox, which was a bit of a shame, as it meant I wasn’t able to do any more running in that session. The guys did an amazing job to get the car ready for me to go and play again in the second session, however, so many thanks to them for all their efforts. I then pushed hard because I wanted to try and set a good time just in case it rained. In the end, I was quite happy with my time, so we’re looking good for tomorrow, and we’ll hope any misfortune is now out of the way.”

    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS Best lap: 1 min 30.730 secs Position: 22nd
    “I think this morning we had a good first practice session. The speed was immediately there, so I was happy with that. The second session was also quite good, but then we fitted new tyres and I just couldn’t get the most out of them, the result of traffic and a few mistakes. We definitely learned from today, however, and we’ll now use the information gained to plan our strategy for Saturday.”

    ENRICO TOCCACELO Best lap: 1 min 32.813 secs Position: 25th
    “I’m really happy because it is my first time in Formula One, my first time in this car, and like all the other drivers, my first time at this circuit. I think we did a good job with the car today, and I’m particularly pleased to have established a good relationship with the team and the guys already. I’m also confident for the upcoming events, as we’re going to Monza and then Spa, which are tracks I know well, and this will make it easier for me. I also hope to get to the factory before Monza in order to have a new seat made, as I’m quite tall and haven’t found the ideal position in the car yet. I’d like to thank Paul Stoddart, for this opportunity, and also to my sponsors, for their ongoing support. I have confidence for the future, and really hope to be able to help the team and the other two drivers in the coming races.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth
    “First of all, let me congratulate everyone involved in the design and construction of the Istanbul circuit. Without doubt, it demonstrates clearly the standard that can be achieved in terms of modern F1 track design, and the Turkish public should feel very proud of what has been achieved with this amazing facility. As for Minardi, the first day of practice was not without issues, the main one being a gearbox pressure problem that put paid to Robert’s opening session after the second run, and delayed the start of his second session. Despite this, however, both drivers completed their technical programmes, and together with our new Friday tester, Enrico Toccacelo, all three should feel proud of their efforts today. We proved once again that we are competitive against our nearest rivals, Jordan.”
    - Ends -

    Chassis allocation – 2005 Grand Prix of Turkey
    Doornbos (No 20) PS05/02
    Albers (No 21) PS05/01
    Toccacelo (No 40) PS05/03
  • Elevation changes?
    Yes. It goes up and down.
    Blind corners?
    YEs, turn 8 seems to be quite the challege.

    Byw, the circuit is anti-clockwise !!!
    The EJ 15 was cancelled or delayed indefinately wasn't it?
    No idea.

    PR from Doornbos:
    Minardi's Robert Doornbos made a strong appearance in today's Free Practices ahead of the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix. At the new 5,340 kilometer long Istanbul Park circuit, the 23-year old Dutchman bounced back with a fastest time of 1:30.628 in the afternoon session after he overcame mechanical trouble in the opening session between 11:00 and 12:00 hours. With his best laptime, Doornbos emerged faster as both of his teammates and Jordan drivers Karthikeyan and Kiesa.

    As the brand new Istanbul Park complex was new for all teams, all 25 drivers immediately choose to go out only seconds after the first Free Practice session got started. Just like his colleagues, Doornbos used the first session to get acclimatised with the track and its conditions and to find a good set-up for his Minardi. Halfway through the first practice at the Bosporus-side track suddenly some problems with the gearbox arose and Doornbos was forced to prematurely end his first hour of practice.

    After the team had solved the problem over the lunch, Doornbos was able to get back in action in the final 30 minutes of the second Free Practice session. With a slightly adapted programme, Doornbos set a fastest lap time of 1:30.628 in only 16 laps in order to finish the day in a respectable 21th position. If his best lap time would have been only 0.002 seconds faster, Doornbos would have been the quickest of all Minardi and Jordan drivers. Only Tiago Monteiro positioned himself in front of the Dutch debutant now with this small margin.

    Robert Doornbos:

    "It feels extremely good to get back in action during a GP after our three week break. In the past few weeks I've tested this circuit a lot of times at the Playstation, but in reality this track is even more impressive! Especially the first combination of corners, which is just like the one in Brazil, and Turn 8, four fast left handers, you live up to every single lap."

    "Compliments also go out to my mechanics who did a great job to get the car back on track after we suffered from an oil leak this morning. I hope we can leave the bad luck behind us for the remainder of this weekend in order to build on from our strong performance here today!"

    Some nice pics of our cars:

    imageAutoglym is back with us. They were also a supplier a few seasons ago IIRC !!!

  • Part of an email from one of my friends on the Team:

    "...a lot of people were holidaying in August, but we also produced a lot of new parts for here so things have been quite busy."
  • At least Enrico Toccacelo is a lot closer to our drivers and the main field than Nissany would have been.

    Needs to spice up his helmet some, rather too plain.

    Good news about new parts, may the Monza test bring even more development.
  • I love how Kiesa "The driving chicane" has beaten the Indian guy.
  • A Question to Tim Routsis (Cosworth) in the Friday press briefing:

    Q: Can you explain how you are going to look after Minardi as well? Is it going to be two teams with V8s? Could you have done two teams with V8s? Or is it one with V8s, one with V10s?

    Routsis: The contracts we've ended up with is that Minardi will run the restricted V10 next year and Williams will have the exclusive use of the V8. Could we have done two teams? I really wouldn't have wanted to do that. The challenge in developing the V8 is one which will really be best achieved if we can do it in close collaboration with one particular team and that will be Williams.


  • Looks like they've added the airbox winglets a la Renault.
  • We will qualify at least 18th and 19th, vecause the Indian changed engine this morning.
    He also didn't run the 3rd and 4th free sessions !!!

    And the TOIT's were BAD!!! Jusdt in front of our cars and the Jordans!!!!:D

    [Edited on 20/8/2005 by Minardus]
  • A little dissapointing to see Montiero in front of our cars. :(

    Hopefully Albers can snuff him by turn one and stick it to the BAR's! :D
  • I'm 2 for 2...good to be back on top.

    From Fabiana:


    ISTANBUL, TURKEY, August 20, 2005 – Minardi F1 Team drivers Christijan Albers and Robert Doornbos will start tomorrow’s inaugural Turkish Grand Prix from 16th and 17th positions on the grid respectively after this afternoon’s incident-packed official qualifying session. Doornbos was the first of the two on track, but a problem caused by the incorrect fitting of a brake pipe meant he was unable to complete the run, while Albers, although not entirely happy with the balance of his car, drove a clean and committed qualifying lap in setting his time. Earlier, the drivers spent the final two practice sessions of the weekend continuing to work on chassis set-up and preparing for the all-important qualifying runs. A number of new aerodynamic components are also being evaluated this weekend, which are a direct result of an ongoing wind tunnel programme for the Minardi Cosworth PS05.

    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS Best lap: 1 min 32.186 secs Position: 16th
    “We did a lot of work on the car, and it was more stable in the qualifying run than we’d managed this morning, when the rear was quite nervous. I was happy with that and with the fact we gained some grip. The only real issue in qualifying related to a gear-shifting problem, which cost me quite a bit of time. That said, the car is definitely going in the right direction, and although it will be a tough race tomorrow, I think we’ll be all right.”

    ROBERT DOORNBOS Best lap: No time Position: 17th
    “It was obviously a disappointing qualifying for me. I was hoping for a very good run, because although we had a difficult tyre choice to make this morning, I think we found a good set-up for the race and things looked promising. As a result, there was something to look forward to in qualifying, but even on the out lap, I knew the car was not how it should be, and that there was a problem with the brakes. They suggested over the radio that I just carry on and try to complete the lap, but the problem got worse and worse, and the car was very slow on the straights, just like the handbrake was still on. I really hope I can have some better luck tomorrow and do something special in the race.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth
    “It was an interesting start to qualifying, with Robert’s spectacular incident at the entrance to the pit lane. Sadly, a brake pressure problem had left him with no choice but to abort his flying lap. Christijan, on the other hand, with a substantial fuel load on board and what we believe is the correct choice of tyres for tomorrow’s race, put in a steady performance, and will benefit from the strategy as the event progresses. Throughout this morning’s practice sessions, everything went pretty much according to plan.”
    - Ends -

    Chassis allocation – 2005 Grand Prix of Turkey
    Doornbos (No 20) PS05/02
    Albers (No 21) PS05/01
    Spare car (Doornbos) PS05/03
  • Albers will start 15th because Sato has been penalised for slowing doen Webber !!!
  • Regarding the EJ15B, they'll probably determine it's fate next week at Monza. Couldn't do it this weekend because of the testing ban and bringing a car to Turkey that has cooling problems is a bad idea.
  • Absolutely trounced Jordan, fair and square.
  • That was a good race.

    Both drivers kept ahead of the Jordons till Albers retired but Doornbos gave us the finish ahead of both Jordons that we've been hoping for.

    The circuit gave some good challenges and opportunities.

    I'm happy to see Alonso holding a commanding lead as the last races approach.

    It will be hard for Kimi to catch up in the remaining races but it would only take a couple of DNFs by Fernando and continued wins by Kimi. It could happen!

    Isn't this more intereresting than the TOIT parade?

    I'm so glad we beated the 2 jordans, thet's the way I like it.
    This guy seems to be good, albers'level, and he speaks italian better than manlio.

  • Forza Doornbos ole ole ole, ole ole ole, ole ole ole!

    Robert Doornbos, schalalalalalala!

    Great race, almost like Hockenheim. We might become 10th in the team-championsship, but I don't care at all. The team is doing a great job and we're getting great results!
  • Minardi PR:


    ISTANBUL, TURKEY, August 21, 2005

    The inaugural Grand Prix of Turkey turned out to be an event of markedly differing fortunes for Minardi F1 Team drivers Robert Doornbos and Christijan Albers. Doornbos scored his best result in the three races he has driven for the Faenza squad, finishing in an excellent 13th position, and ahead of both Jordan entries. The only worrying moment came when his car stalled leaving the pits at the end of the first fuel stop, but quick work by the Minardi crew got Doornbos back on track again quickly. As the event progressed, it became clear the team’s hard tyre-heavy fuel strategy, although compromising the qualifying performance of both drivers, was the correct one for the race. Albers’ race pace would undoubtedly have seen him finish strongly as well, but a number of problems forced him to make two unscheduled pit stops. When it became clear there was no chance of improving his position in the final race classification, the team decided to retire the car.

    Position: 13
    Time: 1 min 29.229 secs Chassis: PS05/02
    “What a race! I really had a lot of fun and I finished it quite easily. I’m also happy with my physical shape at the end of what was a tough Grand Prix. The car actually got better as the race progressed and I think we could have continued, as the tyres were still in good shape. I had a great start for the first time, and dived inside Villeneuve, which was fun. After that, I was able to keep up a strong pace, and to have raced the Jordans and finished in front of them, what can I say? I’m a happy chappy!”.


    Time: 1 min 29.392 secs Chassis: PS05/01
    “I think we had a reasonable qualifying, especially as we had a lot of fuel in the car and chose the hard tyre. It was shame, though, that we had problems in the race, and also encountered difficulties with the refuelling rigs. It’s really disappointing to have these problems when the car is obviously becoming more competitive, but I think it was the right decision to stay out for as long as we could in the race in order to achieve the best possible qualifying slot for the next Grand Prix”.

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth

    “We knew we had a good strategy for the weekend, which we proved today, and Robert put in a gutsy drive to finish 13th in the race. Sadly, Christijan suffered a multitude of problems, ranging from a fuel rig failure to gear selection difficulties; however, he almost reached the chequered flag, and put in a sterling performance in the process. It’s quite clear that the Minardi Cosworth PS05 is improving race by race, albeit with a few reliability issues still to be ironed out”.
  • I suspect the team to iron out a lot of issues at next week's test!!!

    The race was very entertaining!
    Doornbos did a good job !!

    Williams: what was their problem? All the other Michelin teams ran problemfree!!

    Monteiro: I don't EVER want to see him behind me on the highway !!!
  • Good to see Minardi in front of the Jordans. Too bad Albers had to retire.
  • The first 25 laps on TV showed nothing of the Minardis, apart from Albers' misfortune in the pits, then him leaving several laps down.

    Then the TV directors (who did an excellent job today, it must be said) cut to a replay showing Montiero attacking Doornbos, braking late, and juuuuust missing the back of Doornbos in a lunge. Doornbos got away and eventually probed to be on the right strategy!

    Great race. Great track. F1 is looking rosy again.
  • yes, it was nice to see all that overtaking
  • Doornbos make a nice race! Doornbos complete the GP infront a two Jordan´s/Midland... Also I liked the work of italian test driver. It made a consistent work.

    Congratulations to Minardi!
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