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Red Bull - Minardi

F1racing says PS is meeting Red Bull. Red Bull is planning on Buying Minardi, and to make it an American team. Scott Speed would be one of the drivers


  • f1racing is usually talking a load of bull, as we know.

  • nevertheless, interesting, but I don't think it would not be a good thing, minardi wouldn't be the same

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  • Minardi wouldn't exsist
  • I've also read that Stoddart as up to 7 offers on the table. I hope if anything comes from these offers that he goes with one that will keep the Minardi name.
  • Lets hope it is a bunch of italains who want GCM back in charge.
  • grandprix.com is also reporting the Red Bull story. Joe Saward's site is usually pretty conservative on publishing bullshit so there might be something to it. :o
  • lets learn from Jordan about how a heart and soul of a team can be ripped out and destroyed forever - god forbid they change the name
  • Lets hope it is a bunch of italains who want GCM back in charge.
    well said!
  • Please say this is just Red Bullshit!
  • From Autosport -

    Minardi boss Paul Stoddart has played down the latest speculation suggesting his team is about to be sold - although has admitted that he remains in talks with interested parties.

    Former Grand Prix driver Eddie Irvine, who is fronting the plans of a Russian businessman, is believed to have visited Minardi's factory on Wednesday to continue discussions, while Red Bull are expected to hold talks with Stoddart at Monza this weekend.

    Speaking to Autosport-Atlas, Stoddart said that rumours he was on the verge of a deal to offload his team were wide of the mark.

    "I don't know why all these rumours have kicked off again, but there is nothing new," he said. "Eddie (Irvine) has been to the factory before and came there before Imola.

    "We are talking to his group and he has been back twice (to see us) before, but it is no different from the 41 other approaches we have had. I will talk to anybody who is serious."

    The latest speculation in the Monza paddock is of a possible deal with Red Bull - with talks rumoured to be taking place this weekend.

    Stoddart has also dismissed that suggestion - although sources claim that there is a chance of the team doing a deal with the energy drinks company to possibly run their drivers in the future.

    "I have heard the Red Bull rumours and they are the kind of serious people that I would talk to," he said. "But at the moment the story doesn't have any legs - although that is not to say it won't have in the future.

    "If the price was right and it was good for the future of the team I would sell."
  • If so and the following does NOT happen then I guess I'll be the Former President of the Minardi Club San Franciso:

    GCM still involved/in charge

    Team satys in Faenza

    Team remains named Minardi
  • Emmo - President of the Red Bull Club of San Francisco just doesn't sound right does it?

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  • maybe i should sell this place as well then

    helloooooo it's up for sale, somebody wants to buy?
  • No thanks ;)

    But if this Red Bull guy is seriously thinking about Minardi he is out of his mind. Owning two formula1 teams is a waste of money.

    He might as well buy the website from RJ, or give the money to me.
  • What happens when Mr. Red Bull gets bored with F1 ,
    we lose 2 teams?? Please Paul, don't let this happen.
    Is nothing sacred ?? At todays costs of F1 why would they want 2 teams in F1?
  • Is nothing sacred ??
    no, for some people,

    yes for us.

    we'll say good bye to each other :mad:

    no more fighting with MCSF about Mr. George Bush!
  • He might as well buy the website from RJ, or give the money to me.
    Ouch! :o
  • today on dutch tv it is said that Redbull made an offer of 30 million to buy Minardi and that PS wants 35 million... I truly hope Minardi will never become an all american team!!! but a difference of only 5 million does sound like they are close to a deal :(
  • would be an awful shame if red bull would do a midland with us. however if they would do a sponsordeal with minardi it could be the start of something great.

  • Please get that Red Bull sponsorship and that Red Bull driver. I am sure CA would stay too if they'd become a sponsor.

    But please don't sell the team to Red Bull, I've heard they've taken an option on minardi!!!
  • Don't sell it to them. They want to use it as an American training-team for F1-rookies. It'll be the end everything Minardi stands for. :(
  • The site of a former Minardi-driver (Dutch..) claims that Red Bull has taken an option on the Minardi-team. Mateschitz wants to decide in one week. During this week Minardi isn't allowed to negotiate with other parties. Red Bull wants seats for Klien, Liuzzi and Speed. For next year they want to use the 2005 Red Bull-chassis and the Cosworth V10-motor.
    Stoddarts reaction: If the price is right and it's good for the team, I will sell.
    Red Bull neemt optie op Minardi team

    (05 september 2005) Tijdens de Formule 1 race in Monza afgelopen weekend heeft Red Bull een optie genomen op de overname van het Minardi team. Binnen een week wil Dieter Mateschitz een beslissing nemen. De optie houdt in dat Minardi deze week met niemand anders meer mag onderhandelen.
    Red Bull maakt er geen geheim van dat ze het team nodig hebben om al hun contractrijders onder dak te krijgen. De veelbelovende Scott Speed, maar ook Vitantonio Liuzzi en Christian Klien staan te dringen om een definitief stoeltje in 2006.

    Het plan van Red Bull is het Red Bull chassis van dit jaar volgend seizoen als Minardi in te zetten. Omdat Minardi al een deal heeft met Cosworth voor de levering van V10 motoren in 2006 kan er makkelijk een combinatie van motor en chassis gemaakt worden zonder veel extra kosten.

    Paul Stoddart reageert kort "Als er een gezonde prijs onderhandeld wordt en het goed is voor de toekomst van het team, verkoop ik!"

    Jo Vleugels

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  • Well, I guess we'll know if we're Minardi or Red Bull Team USA shortly.

    If it's the latter, sayonara boys. :(
  • When I was in Hockenheim, I was thinking about watching Jordan and Sauber for the first and last time live at a GP... but I did not thought one moment about Minardi being in the same situation.

    Fuck, that hurts. :(

    What will you guys do if we become Red Bull USA?

    For me, supporting the BMW-team with Nick Heidfeld COULD be an option, but it would never be the same than supprting the Faenza-troup.

    O tempora, o mores

  • don't start crying quite yet, guys. we've heard it before, we've seen it before, it's unlikely to happen in the worst possible scenario.

    if red bull would become a major sponsor that would be a good thing. driver development is what minardi has always been about and whether the name of such a driver is Claudio Scopatutte or Scott Speed is a formality imho

    should they really change the name and destroy 20 years of motor racing history

    a) this site will cease to exist immediately
    b) I probably won't get up for an f1 gp anymore nor stay at home for it, nor watch it if there's something else on.
    c)I won't drink a single can of Red Bull anymore (and during exam time I drink it in bucketloads)

  • Will it stay Minardi when Redbull are overtaking the team:(, ore will it be Team America?
    It will be a bloody shame when Minardi don't survive this game, please Paul, i hope you will sell it as Minardi and that it will stay Minardi!!!!!!!!!
    Some Redbull logo's are oke, but please let it be Minardi Redbull and that all the guys will stay!
  • Well Minardi's buyout has always been a matter of when Stoddart gets tired of being the Don Quixote of F1, not if :(
    And we all know the only chance of retaining the Minardi name is to have another F1 fan and enthusiast buying it. Mateschitz clearly isn't one. Excuse me, but buying another team just because having more drivers than seats? That guy really seems to have way too much money in his wallet.
  • We're near the end, I guess.
    I'm very pissed off.
    I won't say anything else till this story gets clear.
  • Agree. What must be the feeling in Faenza?
  • Here is aline from another F1 news site that I don not like ONE BIT:

    "Red Bull's plans are believed to include using this year's Red Bull Racing chassis for the Minardi project next season."

    If this be the case then Minardi is done. A Minardi is only a Minardi if it is a Minardi.

    God, are you listening?
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