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The Future of ForzaMinardi.com

Dear All

Now I can be more or less sure that only people who should read it, actually read it here’s my following unofficial official-statement regarding the future of this very site.

Five years I’ve been taking care of this site, updating or monitoring it wherever I was, whatever I did. The site and I guess you people as an integral part of it, have become a part of my everyday routine and I guess I can say this without sounding fake.

However, things don’t last forever and I do realise that, especially now Red Bull seem to be changing the name of our beloved team.

Red Bull haven’t got back to me yet regarding the petition but I’d say I wait for another week before getting really pissed off about their complete lack of consideration, as the people in charge have been to the other end of world last weekend.

However I have to say that the fact that they have even registered ForzaToroRosso.com (AS IF!!) is too clear an indication that they don’t plan to retain Minardi as an F1 brand.

This renders this place obsolete one would think and I have spent all of the last week pondering what to do with ForzaMinardi.com. It is pretty clear to me, that Minardi’s new owners will not supply me with any kind of press information or pictures. Besides I have very little intention to report on Squadra Toro Rosso anyway.

So why continue this place if the team, or what has become of it, doesn’t want you to?

Because this place will be the last thing to remind us all of the great team and the great legacy that once was.

The new site will continue to have this message board as its centre and I’ll try to improve the static sections of the site such as the history section, the Minardiclopeadia etc.

Moreover, this site should become the centre of a movement that, at as many races as possible, should draw attention to the fact that the name Minardi will be greatly missed in F1. Action, not just words.

I hope that most of you will stay faithful to this site so we can continue to be the greatest community F1 has ever had!

ForzaMinardi.com – The keepers of the name

All the best




  • Bravo RJ, the correct decision.

    What do you mean by 'new site'?

    Minardi lives in our hearts and I would never dream of wearing another team shirt. Ever.

    Forza Minardi and Forza RJ.
  • RJ, you are my legend!!!!!!
    You, Gilles and GCM!!!!


    Count on me! From wherever they'll send me next, I will always be on this site!!;)

    Minardi fuer immer!
  • Yeah, great!

    Could write about 10 pages now, but I think i can express it with one single word:

  • It is certainly the right thing to do - continue, but not to slavishly treat the new owners to our support, exactly right.

    I foresee a mighty debate over months and years as to whether or not this new MinardiSTR entity is or is not the true heir to the Minardi inheritance. A bit like the debate that never quite got resolved over Stoddart...we all hate him now, of course.

    Some will take a liking to the new team, some will curse it's very existence, many will be ambivalent, and others will be clueless. But I hope many of the characters round here do hang around. You can't get better F1 debate anywhere else.



    I feel over the past few years you lot have become friends, Iv had the pleasure of meeting some of you and sharing the brilliant event that was minardifest 05.

    I shall still wear my shirts with pride!!
  • Forza Minardi!
    Forza Everyone Here!

    We can still support the crew of Minardi, but screw the new management.

    May GCM start a new Minardi in 2008 and steal his crew from STR!
  • image

    Thanks RJ !!!!

    Talked to Quig yesterday on the phone.... Ger and I are in the very beginings of planning a sorta Minadifest '06..... visiting Monza and Spa next year as they are again to be one week apart.....So RJ, Salvo, Ste, Dan, Viges, Bernie, and all other interested parties....Start saving some $$$ for one of or both tracks...as we carry our Forza Minardi & MCSF banners with pride at both venues......

    Forza Minardi
    Forza Minardi.com

  • Great news RJ. I'll pass this on in Faenza next week. Roll on Minardifest 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FORZA my friends!
  • Wish I wasn't a student and could make Minardifest '06. Would go if I was using my airline miles, but I'm not so I will carryout
    a Montreal Minardifest with anyone going to Canada '06.
  • Excellent news :)
  • Wish I wasn't a student and could make Minardifest '06. Would go if I was using my airline miles, but I'm not so I will carryout
    a Montreal Minardifest with anyone going to Canada '06.
    If the Club system survives the transition your best bet for Montreal is to be a member of the MCM. They are a very dedicated bunch of Minardi fans and they really know how to put on a party.

    [Edited on 20/10/2005 by MCSF]

    They CAN'T stop us! :cool:


    [Edited on 20/10/2005 by ATi]
  • This site must never die!
  • We all like F1 , so if the boys are back, we should support them in Montreal and abroad!
  • See you in Montreal then!!


    i love this team.

  • Yeah, whatever.
  • RJ, Cheers mate. Good call.
  • "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

    Your stuck with me...

    [Edited on 20/10/2005 by SuperRoo]
  • bravo, bravo, robert-jan.

    you have my complete support. just tell me what you need done whenever you need done!
  • Glad to see you're keeping the site going!

    Why not also register www.formerminardi.com and point it to here too? ;)
  • Solid. I'm staying, good call RJ.
  • well i've made up my mind for sure

    I'm staying.
  • Bravo RJ !:D

    Forza Minardi

    Forza Forzaminardi.com !!!!!!

    Facty: start organizing the betting comp for 2006 !!:)
  • Like I said before, I’m staying.

    You guys are all great, and I thoroughly enjoy being part of this community. I look forward to many more years of ForzaMinardi.com, and I hope dearly that I can make a positive contribution, in what I guess is my own mini Minardi…at least it’s a Minardi at heart! :P


    PS. Rj, when you get the time can you upload the FM.com racing page? Thanks mate. :D


  • However I have to say that the fact that they have even registered ForzaToroRosso.com (AS IF!!) is too clear an indication that they don’t plan to retain Minardi as an F1 brand.
    ForzaToroRosso.co.za is still available, why don't you guys check your individual listings. I'm tempted to buy it and point it here, just to P!ss them off.

    I'll stick around here too.

    We'll support the boys
  • I'm staying too.

    Forza Minardi per sempre. Good job mate.
  • Funny how they ditch the 'www.squadrotororosso.com' web address in favor of a blatant rip-off of the very mob that tried to stop them re-branding the team. I don't know if we should take that as an insult or a compliment..?
  • Great news RJ

    Forza Minardi


    We may have lost our team (temporarily) but we still have our community!!:cool:
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