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Max's latest ballsup!!


Hmm, I like the look of this....... NOT!!!


  • Looks weird, but seems a good solution.

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  • If it allows the surpasses, it's welcome.
    In my opinion, F1 cars do not have to be "beautiful", but racing animals. Do you remember those horrible cars that raced in the '70s? I love them!

    Anyway, it will not happen before 2007, most probably in 2008. t will be discussed at the next FIA meeting in Rome next week.

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  • From the front view it looks ugly but seen from the back it is okay. But I doubt the teams will like it because they will loose a lot of space for the sponsors.
  • Hideous.
  • I didn't like it at first glance, but its growing on me a little. Doubt the teams will agree to it because of sponsors though.
  • Has there EVER been a singleseater racecar with rear winglets like this????
  • I would be in favor of this if the FIA wouldn't already have limited the cars by this much. Right now I think they should just stop interfeering.
  • The teams will not go for this right? That's the prime sponsor spot destroyed. Could they not just reduce the efficiency of a single rear wing and allow tunnels under the car which would give more stick without creating a huge backwash of dirty air?
  • I would be in favor of this if the FIA wouldn't already have limited the cars by this much. Right now I think they should just stop interfeering.
    Spoke too soon...

    Your rule changes for 2006/7, gentlemen and ladies!!!

    * Tyre changes re-introduced
    * Knockout qualifying system approved

    * Radical rear wing in
    * Slick tyres!

    This is OFFICAL- just from autosport-atlas.com
  • Rear wings won't happen. They can't, they won't.
  • Well, the teams approved! So we must prepare ourselves seeing those things running on the circuits in about 1,5 year!!!!

    But if they really get the results they are aiming for, I don't know. Look at this pic:
    The "dirty"air is still on the outside, where most of the downforce of the frontwing is generated.

    Conspiracy theory: FIA got the idea from TOIT? ;)

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  • Can the outer side plate just hang out in empty space like that without any bracing? The two wings will just flap around. It's a pity artificial crap like this has to be put on a car but the rules have become so arbitrary.
  • I though the same thing. There would need to be major reinforcement for that wing not to move. But, hey, if it works, the teams agree and we get a better show, go for it.

  • Can't even spell "Conventional".
  • This is all good and well to say it helps the car behind, but what about the rear aero effect on the car itself?

    Remember, around 65% of the drag on a modern F1 car is caused by the tyres. The turbulance caused by the rear wheels is massive, hence why it's optimal for the wing to be in the middle of the car, rather than behind the wheels. My guess is that the tech directors class this wing as too dangerous, and it gets scrapped.
  • I read something about introducing bigger/wider rear tyres/tires as well.
    Then the rear winglets can be wider/broader as well, right???
  • I don't think we can say the teams have agreed the new rear wing. The have agreed that their tech departments will evaluate it. Its a " park it but keep the motor running" approach.
    A simpler option would be to keep the rear wing in the same place but reduce its size. Thats if drag is the problem. Its no point going down the split wing road if teams can still put wings and strakes on the body work. Just how stable will that wing design be as well.
    As for slicks. Seems the FIA are banking on Bridgestone taking up the slack. But Bridgestone's brand awareness has risen as a result of direst competition with Michelin. If neither take up the contract where does it leave the teams?
  • Autosport's technical analysis this week absolutely shreds this idea for all sorts of reasons (confluence of disrupted air, wheel effect, etc.)

    The FIA has only used a computer program (no windtunnel) and it seems rather amateurish. Gary Anderson condemns the proposal as a 'first year's failed project'.
  • Its make you wonder how much thought went into the idea!
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