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Roll Call

Anyone know what is happenning to the Minardi sites and clubs globally?


  • Word I got from my Irish spy is that they want the Clubs to continue to support Faenza but as for the mechanism ... I think Red Bull (and this is only my idea) will have their own plans for a global club and not keep the Italian soccer club model that was set up under GCM.
  • No word as of yet for MCM. I personally will support Toro Rosso.
  • Junior lasted about 10 minutes..... hey, I got a hat I guess.
  • if anyone else wants a free hat... you may need to pay for postage though. just let me know.
  • What happened to the CD player? :P
  • Throwing in the towel so easily?
  • if anyone else wants a free hat... you may need to pay for postage though. just let me know.
    Oi! I paid for mine! At least you can give me the JVC CD player - what happened to that Junior? ;)
  • yeah.. good question. It was going to carry over to the go-kart comp. Not sure what to do with it now.. it's still with Hagemeyer brands.


    Throwing in the towel? I thought PS was the one that sold out! eh?
  • PS may have sold out but the Minardi Club system is still alive for the moment - if GCM and the gang are still involved there may still be something left for us to support.
  • Perhaps make the CD player the prize for next years FM.com/OzMinardi tipping competition?

    Or, continue with the go-kart comp at this years Grand Prix, and invite STR...this might test just how commited the team really are to their supporters - especially considering the select few that like them here will be their only supporters!
  • Suggestions?
    Put it up on ebay, offload it for what you can get, donate it to charity. :)

    Or..... GIVE IT TO ME! :D
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