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Grand Prix Masters - Kayalami

The Kayalami race is on UK TV this weekend
(BBC2 Sunday afternoon.)

Will you be watching ?

Who will you be supporting??

Who do you think will win ???

I don't know who I'll be supporting but it probably won't be N. Mansell


  • I didn't even know it was on the BBC are obviously publicising it well!!!

    Will definately watch and will be keeping an eye on Warwick and Herbert was never really a Mansell fan.

    In terms of who will win possibly the more recent racing and fitness of Herbert maybe or one of the older names with more outright talent? who knows but should be interesting
  • I'm probably going to watch it as well. You might call me a patriot, but I really think Jan Lammers has a goood chance.
  • Aha, with the legend Murray Walker back as commentator, I certainly will tune in on the BBC!!!
    (Hopefully the size of the screen will not be reduced into a small square, at least that's what happened here when sports is broadcasted on the BBC).

    Hopefully it will as interesting to watch as A1GP and I will definite support Jan Lammers!

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  • Fittipaldi has agreed to race.
  • It's got to be de Cesaris - a Minardi old boy.
  • Old Nigel has been way the fastest in the first practice, 3/10 ahead of Warwick and 7/10 ahead of Emmo.
    Patrese is 4th, De Cesaris 10th.

    Weird and funny how it seems old hyerarchies are still more or less respected even 20 yrs. later!

    Only exception, Alan Jones is last. But he's 59 (same age as Emmo, but far less trained, I guess), plus he should weigh around 100kg now!.

    PS Of course, Emmo means Emmo FIttipaldi, not Emmo Quigley!:hehe:

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    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, November 11, 2005 - The action begins in earnest today at the Kyalami circuit, near Johannesburg, as this weekend’s second annual Altech South African Grand Prix gets underway. Over the next two days, the Minardi F1x2 Team will be providing more than 80 passengers with high-speed rides around the challenging track, which was formerly home to the South African Grand Prix. Come Sunday, though, and the team will focus on final preparations for the twin 10-lap demonstration races that will provide one of the main highlights of the weekend’s activities.

    As a taster of things to come, the streets of Johannesburg yesterday echoed to the scream of V10 racing engines being worked hard as a pair of Minardi F1x2 cars driven by former Grand Prix winner, Johnny Herbert, and up-and-coming South African driving star, Alan van der Merwe, thrilled lunchtime crowds in the Sandton area of the city. The duo blasted their Minardi two-seaters around a specially constructed street circuit, with the intrepid passengers on this occasion being winners in a competition run by Johannesburg radio station, Jacaranda FM.

    Aside from helping to fulfil the Minardi F1x2 Team’s longstanding commitment to bring motor racing closer to the fans, the primary purpose of Thursday’s programme was to raise public awareness of the Altech South African Grand Prix, the proceeds of which will once again benefit the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Unite Against Hunger charities.

    Aside from Herbert and van der Merwe, the international driver line-up this year consists of Marc Surer, Gianni Morbidelli, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Tarso Marques, Zsolt Baumgartner, Bas Leinders, Patrick Friesacher, Matteo Bobbi and David Saelens. The F1x2 racers and their passengers will share the bill with the inaugural Grand Prix Masters event, the combination ensuring a thrilling weekend of motor sport for the sell-out crowd expected to pack the track.

    - Ends -
  • Warwick's been most consistant, 2nd in both sessions I think so may be the one to watch, would have thought both Italians would be a bit quicker
  • the press release seemed a bit odd. it was sent from a minadi.it address and it had the minardi logo on it and didn't mention toro rosso... weird
  • The qualifing was good. nice to see some old greats in action. Kyalami is a super track. Funny comment by Jodie prefering Organic farming to racing. Should be a great race.

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    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, November 12, 2005 - The Minardi F1x2 Team today completed its individual passenger runs for the Altech South African Grand Prix, and began final preparations for Sunday’s two demonstration races. Saturday’s F1x2 drivers were Marc Surer, Bas Leinders, Alan van der Merwe, Ryan Hunter-Reay and Patrick Friesacher, the latter’s lap of 1 min 34.884 secs being the fastest two-seater time recorded over the last two days at the Kyalami circuit.

    “It was great fun to be driving an F1 two-seater again. I really enjoyed it,” commented Friesacher, after completing nine passenger rides during the Saturday morning session. “I like this track a lot, and combined with the great organisation here, this is just a terrific event. I particularly want to thank Paul Stoddart and the F1x2 Team for making it possible to be here again in South Africa.

    “One interesting thing for me is that, so far this weekend, my best lap time in the two-seater is about two seconds slower than last year. I think this could be down to the higher track temperature, which has reduced grip levels, and a gusty wind that has been blowing for much of the time. Even so, I think we have still been able to give the passengers a good impression of F1 performance!”

    The team also confirmed the line-up for the first of tomorrow’s F1x2 races, with Friesacher, Leinders, Hunter-Reay and van der Merwe being joined on the starting grid by Johnny Herbert, Matteo Bobbi, Gianni Morbidelli and David Saelens.

  • RJ; this might be because of the fact that Stoddart still owns the F1X2-programm.
  • Mansell won in Kyalami ahead of Fittipaldi and Patrese.

    Why don't we all drop F1 and start following the GP Masters instead?
  • Mansell won in Kyalami ahead of Fittipaldi and Patrese.

    Why don't we all drop F1 and start following the GP Masters instead?
    Was enjoyable wasn't it.
  • For what it is worth:


    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, November 13, 2005 - For the second year in succession, the Minardi F1x2 Team staged a pair of thrilling demonstration races in front of an enthusiastic, sell-out crowd at today’s Altech South African Grand Prix. In near-perfect weather conditions, the drivers and their passengers contested two 10-lap events as part of Sunday’s programme at the famous Kyalami circuit, near Johannesburg.

    It was Belgian drivers to the fore in the first race, with Bas Leinders and passenger, Robert Wray, taking the chequered flag in front of fellow countyryman, David Saelens, and Graham Johnson, with Johnny Herbert and Sasha Martinengo taking the final podium spot. The only casualty of the race was Gianni Morbidelli, who spun at Sunset Corner, thus ensuring his passenger, Gary Formato, a never-to-be forgotten moment.

    The second race saw Florida’s Ryan Hunter-Reay lead impressively from start to finish, but the Champ Car driver was penalised at the end of the race for not making his mandatory pit stop. This elevated the irrepressible Herbert and passenger, Fred Coetzer, into first place. Alan van der Merwe and Sarah Jane Trutter claimed second, with Patrick Friesacher and Nick Williamson taking the final podium spot. There were two retirements, the car of David Saelens and Linda Bam pulling out on the third lap with an electronics problem, and Zsolt Baumgartner and passenger, Claudio Piazza Musso, spinning out of the race at Tabletop Corner.

    BAS LEINDERS, Winner Race 1
    “We had a great start and were up to third by the end of the first lap, and then we overtook Matteo (Bobbi) and pushed hard to the pit stop. David (Saelens) was ahead of us after the stop, but we managed to pass him before the chequered flag and score a great victory here in South Africa. It’s been a lot of fun, but best of all, it’s been for a good cause.”

    JOHNNY HERBERT, Winner Race 2
    “We mustn’t forget that, first and foremost, all the F1x2 drivers are here this week to support the charities that benefit from this event. From my perspective, the nice thing about today is that my passengers in both races had good runs. We overtook several cars, so they had an opportunity to get a real sense of what it’s like when you’re racing. I had fun today, and I’m sure they did as well, so you’d have to say it’s been another successful weekend for F1x2.”

    Results - Race 1 Results - Race 2
    1. Bas Leinders - Robert Wray 1. Johnny Herbert - Fred Coetzer
    2. David Saelens - Graham Johnson 2. Alan van der Merwe - Sarah Jane Trutter
    3. Johnny Herbert - Sasha Martinengo 3. Patrick Friesacher - Nick Williamson
    4. Patrick Friesacher - Brian Kennedy 4. Bas Leinders - Joe de Beer
    5. Matteo Bobbi - Alistair McArthur 5. Tarso Marques - Pedro Rodrigues
    6. Ryan Hunter-Reay - Delen Naidoo 6. Ryan Hunter-Reay - Joana Koornneef
    7. Alan van der Merwe - Peter Wharton Hood 7. Zsolt Baumgartner - Claudio Musso (DNF)
    8. Gianni Morbidelli - Gary Formato (DNF) 8. David Saelens - Linda Bam (DNF)

    - Ends -
  • With some luck, more top line drivers like Prost, Piquet, Rosberg, Berger, Lauda and co might join the series.
  • Prost was meant to be there but had pre-booked some ice racing in France.

    Good stuff, love Nige showboating at the end. The fit guys (de Cesaris and Lammer) didn't impress. Class in permanent.
  • It was brilliant. I suspect Murray Walker might have been there anyway, seeing as he has commentated on Stoddie's 2-seater races since they began in 2001. I wonder if he provided the commentary for the 2005 2-seater races?

    And can we move them back to Britain again, just for my selfish needs?
  • Are there any good websites that have some pics to have a look at???
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