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Position Vacant: 15k fans looking for new F1 Team to support

Are you an F1 Team that possesses a sporting spirit, a sense of fair play, utter determination to compete to one’s best ability, striving to compete on merit rather than business influence, prepared to play by the rules with all teams being treated equal before the adjudicators?

Then you might be the Team we’re looking for.

Submit your reasons for seeking this position together with a statement of your credentials for earning our loyalty and support to this site.

All serious applications will be considered. Only the successful applicant will be notified.


  • i say we publish this ad, each and every one of us translated in his national language in his local, national papers , as a protest

    are you in?

  • How about purchasing a 1/4 or 1/2 page advert in F1 Racing or Autosport?
  • There is no need to purchase anything.
    Excluding TOIT and Renault (no sporting spirit), Mc Laren and Bar (no fair play), the only options remain Midland, BMW, Toyota, Williams, Aguri and...Red Bull.
    Excluding Toyota, Aguri and BMW (we love privateers), and, for obvious reasons, Red Bull, our only options remain Midland and Williams.
    And since Midland does not seem to me any serious, I might go back to support WIlliams (as I did at Mansell, Prost, Hill and Villeneuve times). Even though, as I already said in this forum, I am not optimistic at all about Williams future in F1.
  • For me, it's most probably Aguri in 2006.

    But on probation ;)

    They have to prove to me they are in fact not a Honda B-Team with another name, but a new privateer. Aguri Suzuki promised this:

    "Wir sind ein japanisches Team - das ist sehr wichtig", betonte Suzuki. "Wir sind aber auf gar keinen Fall ein Honda-B-Team...." from: http://kurier.at/sport/1163293.php

    Sorry, couldn't find English source right now, but he apparently said this in clear words at the recent press conference.

    PS: Aguri has an official website now...


    Not much see, just hiring ads. At least this shows something is going on and they try to make it in 2006.
  • I would say we send it to every F1-team, including Red Bull and STR.

  • Are you an F1 Team that possesses a sporting spirit,
    do you truly believe you can find sporting spirit, anywhere, any time?
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