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Barcelona testdays + STR livery

Testtimes day 1:

Barcelona dag 1: Times:
1 Gary Paffett - Mc Laren - 1:20.586 - 206.7km/h - 57 rounds
2 Alex Wurz - Mc Laren - 1:20.665 - 206.5km/h - 10 rounds
3 Nick Heidfeld - Sauber BMW - 1:21.356 - 204.7km/h - 30 rounds

First STR livery pic, not much yet:

Williams interim livery:


  • The first pics is the nose cone of a RB car, not STR.
  • Toyo already have their TF106 ready to test !!!!!:o
  • The first pics is the nose cone of a RB car, not STR.
    But I'm pretty sure it says "Scuderia Toro Rosso" on the front of that nose cone. Which unfortunately mean that STR will drive the RB1 and not the PS05 :(
  • Red Bull has confirmed that 4 RB1's will be running.
  • You can hardly blame them, the R6/RB1 was clearly a good car to develop based on last year, but I can't help but thinking the ex-Minardi staff will feel the stuffing's been knocked out of them with the decision.

  • I don't think you can really compare them considering the budgets. In fact you would need to consider the development potential for each chassis. Chances are that the Red Bull/Jaguar chassis is at the limit of it's development potential.

    With the Michelin deal it would seem pretty likely that 'Minardi' will be using the RB1 or the rumored Tredozi designed car rather than a straight up PS05.
  • Chances are that the Red Bull/Jaguar chassis is at the limit of it's development potential.
    Yes, I agree, but it's probably already operating on a higher plane than the PS05 was going to reach next year even with a truckload of money being thrown at it.

    The only conceivable reason they would have stuck with the PS05 would have been to keep faith with the Minardi staff, but I doubt they care too much about that when all is said and done.

    'Here's the car - stop grumbling and do your best, or find yourself in the unemployment queue.'

    Red Bull are all about branding and maximising their dollar spend. The RB1 was already a mile ahead of the PS05.

    At least with the engine being a Cossie V10 regardless of the car, there remains the chance of some back-to-back testing of the two cars at some point.

  • But I'm pretty sure it says "Scuderia Toro Rosso" on the front of that nose cone. Which unfortunately mean that STR will drive the RB1 and not the PS05
    for me it will not make any difference what car they will drive.

    after the treatment they gave us, that is.

    i am sorry for the faenza staff but who is sorry for us??????
  • F1racinglive.com:
    Klien sets the early pace in Barcelona
    First laps for Red Bull, STR, Toyota and Williams

    Testing got underway in earnest this morning in Barcelona with Christian Klien setting the pace in his Cosworth V10 powered Red Bull RB1. The Austrian driver, who has yet to be confirmed as the team’s racer for the 2006 season, set a best lap of 1:17.567s.

    Toyota made its testing debut with the new TF106 chassis this morning with Jarno Trulli setting the second best time ahead of the McLaren duo of Pedro de la Rosa and Alexander Wurz in their MP4-21B’s.

    Scuderia Toro Rosso also made its on track debut with Vitantonio Liuzzi driving the Cosworth powered RB1 chassis used by Red Bull Racing. Curious.

    Nick Heidfeld was on track again in his BMW powered C24B while Williams Cosworth hit the circuit in the newly liveried FW27B with Nico Rosberg and Andy Priaulx.

    The test also saw William and Toyota on Bridgestone tyres for the first time with STR running on Michelin rubber.

    Barcelona* - 29/11/2005 AM
    1 . C. Klien - Red Bull Racing - 1:17.567 (+ 0.000 ) - 35 laps
    2 . J. Trulli - Toyota TF106 - 1:18.614 (+ 1.047 ) - 45 laps
    3 . P. de la Rosa - McLaren Mercedes - 1:19.154 (+ 1.587 ) - 35 laps
    4 . A. Wurz - McLaren Mercedes - 1:19.417 (+ 1.850 ) - 32 laps
    5 . R. Zonta - Toyota TF106 - 1:19.938 (+ 2.371 ) - 7 laps
    6 . V. Liuzzi - Scuderia Toro Rosso - 1:20.432 (+ 2.865 ) - 38 laps
    7 . R. Doornbos - Red Bull Racing - 1:20.996 (+ 3.429 ) - 27 laps
    8 . N. Heidfeld - BMW Sauber - 1:21.013 (+ 3.446 ) - 26 laps
    9 . N. Rosberg - Williams Cosworth - 1:21.739 (+ 4.172 ) - 22 laps
    10 . A. Priaulx - Williams Cosworth - 1:25.055 (+ 7.488 ) - 13 laps.

    *Times Courtesy of Circuit de Catalunya
    The STR RBR1 as driven by Liuzzi:
  • Red Bull’s new Formula One team, Scuderia Toro Rosso began its charge today.

    Making its first official outing on the opening day of a three-day test in Barcelona, the team took to the race track as Scuderia Toro Rosso for the very first time.

    Running a restricted-V10 Cosworth powered RB1 with Michelin tyres, the team completed 325km of testing, as it began to develop its technology ahead of 2006.

    Although the team’s livery and its 2006 chassis is yet to be revealed, the test gave the team its first chance to experiment with the technical set up of the current RB1 and observe how it handled on the track.

    Despite low ambient temperatures of between 5°C and 16°C, the team and drivers gained valuable data and experience during the day’s testing.

    Vitantonio Liuzzi completed driving duties today and is set to continue tomorrow, while young American driver Scott Speed will take over for the final day.
    I hope we will se something that the guys in Faenza has built.
  • I'm thinking that they are just going to modify the RB1 just enough to get past the rules. Maybe that is what Tredozi is doing now.

    Sad to think that is what is going to happen, but I have come to expect many stabs into our hearts by RB.
  • It is so strange to see the Ex-Minardi guys around that Red Bull car.
  • I cannot agree that the RB01 is miles ahead of the PS05. Last year, it ran with better tyres, usually a better engine and drivers who previously knew the track. This things add up to seconds. Also it had much much more testing time, including fridays.

    I guess that in the end the new Tredozzi creation will be the choosen car, how much of RB01 and PS05 on it is a question only he can answer, and probably not right now.
  • Max his idea to force the teams to use a V8 to slow them down hasn't helped much if you look at the times of Toyota! :o
  • Today's times: http://www.pitpass.com/fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=26605

    What do you mean you don't notice the difference?
    Toyo(V8) is 3sec a lap down on Honda(V10).
  • Weren't they supposed to lose anywhere from 5-10 seconds..?

    Forza Mosely! Not.
  • Exactly. Coulthard qualified with a 1.15 there. Klien did a lap of 1.17 with the same car yesterday. So the track is a bit slower now. Sure the gap with the V10 is 3sec but the performance of the Toyota is not bad. And the tyres will become faster also with the new regulations.

    How long will it take before the cars close the gap? Not long I think.
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