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Happy New Year

to all! Wishes for health and happiness in 2009 attached


  • was new year's 22hours ago in australia..... ;)
  • Best wishes to you all!
  • Happy 2006
  • Who here had a new year's kiss?! I did! :hehe:

    Happy New Year everyone.
  • Oh, about a hundred, and some more than once.

    AaaHh, too good. If there was more of that there might be peace on Earth. :)

    HNY everyone!

  • What was his name Jello??? ;)

    Happy New Year to all.

    Next time I talk to you, it will be from Melbourne. Moving house in a couple of days and start work in Melbourne on 16 Jan 06. Finally get to see some real football(Aussie Rules), not that cross-country wrestling stuff they play here(Rugby, League/Union).
  • Her name was Cassie, thank you very much. :rolleyes:
  • Did you check 'her' hands?
  • Yeah, and did she have an Adam's apple? :hehe:

    hey, you're the San Fran dweller boyo, it comes with the territory. ;)

  • "De beste wensen voor 2006" to all of you !!

    Let's hope it will bring happiness and good health.
  • Happy new year!
  • Yeah, and did she have an Adam's apple? :hehe:

    hey, you're the San Fran dweller boyo, it comes with the territory. ;)

    That's Quigs. I'm on the correct side of the water. Over here our girls hang out of cars at sideshows with their... stuff hanging out, stuff that they were born with.
  • Happy New Year everyone.

    I wish we could celebrate each day like this one.

  • happy new year everybody. Better late than never;)
  • A new year - less hope.

    Nah, just kidding. Great chance to throw stones at everyone now!
  • Let us hope 2009 is much and much better for all of us than 2008! BEST WISHES!
  • Yes Happy New Year to all who post here. All the best for 2009.
  • Happy New Year to all and a better one than 2008!
  • Happy New Year all!

    2008 did bring a win for Toro Rosso and our former Minardi team members.

    ...and a new President elect for the USA.

    Still the bad things continue, too much war, too little tolerance for the differences which make our species special.

    I get some inspiration from good people from all areas. I enjoyed a party with a group if Iranian and Iraqi students, and some of the re-thinking now taking place on the role of big business and big finance is encouraging. I'm reading Al Gore's book "Assault on Reason" which I find timely and insightful.

    So I'm hoping for a good 2009, and hope you all have a good one too.

  • happy new year to all, completely missed out on the holiday season as I was down and out with influenza, if you, like me, didn't get the jab, get it now is all I can say. Took me almost two weeks to fully recover.

    anyway, let's hope 2009 will be a good year for us all!!!
  • Hi Forza,

    You got the 'flu but I got chikungunya the latest mosquito borne virus going round the world.

    It completely knocks all your strength for a few days with aching joints and a rash.

    Anyway we're over it and looking forward to staying healthy. I'm also killing all the blooody mosquitoes I can find. We have about twelve traps plus natural deterrents, plus cicaks, who do a great job but can't keep up with the demand.

  • Happy New Year, stranger.

    Sorry to hear about your ailments, chaps. A nice lady once gave me a rash. Well, she said she was a lady. She had hair all down her back. None on her head, just her back.
  • You're a worry sometimes!!! ;-))

    Have a good one everybody. 2009 is starting out a bit scary, after 21+ years in the military I'm returning to civilian life at the end of January, and you civvies are a wierd and scary bunch I must say.
  • That's scary Oz! ...for us.

    Will you adapt?

    Do you have someone to give you orders?

    Simon, I heard that went to see Cela Trams, and you obviously discovered her secret relationship to the bushy tailed possum.

  • Cheers Doc, yes I do, but instead of CO, she's refered to as wife. ha ha

    Adapting to civi life is going to be the hard part. You all do everything so weird like, grow yoour hair far too long, you don't yell at each other, you answer back, comply with OH@S regulations, the weirdness just doesn't stop. You're all mad I tell ya.

    What is all this teddy bear cuddling - tree hugging stuff all about????
  • I tell you, If I have to go to another BBQ, drink cold beer in the sun playing backyard cricket.........wait a minute!........I'm going to the beach tomorrow! That should break the monotony. Happy New Year fellas...
  • Yep,it's a hard life Roo. We needed 70 people here to help us through the New Year and all the beer and food and we still had lots left over. Now I've got to go down to Byron Bay, Brisbane and Melbourne to help my Aussie mates and family there to celebrate, then there's 2 billion Chinese need a help with their New year....never ends!

  • Can't say I've enjoyed it too much. Nothing to do with health, that has been positively rude (nothing to do with not having had a fag in three weeks).

    My problem was finally moving the family to Canberra after 8 months of commuting. Thought I'd save some money on the moving by not engaging a removalist. Instead we did this thing where you hire a special shipping container. They stick it in the driveway two weeks before the move. You pack your boxes and fill the container youreslf. They pick it up and drop it at the new house. Then you unload etc.

    The problem comes when you ignore the reality that your 50th birthday has come and gone and that shifting several tonnes of furniture and household effects (twice!) is more diffcult than in your memory.

    Before you get the chance to celebrate that you have only paid a third the price of a normal move, she who must be obeyed has spent the savings and more on new furniture.

    the horror...................the horror...............
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