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Canadian GP

I'm starting to research everythign I need to know about the Canadian GP . Planning on bringing the family up and make it a camping vacation. Tickets are thr first priority. Anyone have any extra tickets? ideas on best vatnage point for me and my 6 year old?


  • Best vantage point would be Senna curve, but tickets are hard to come by there, and it could be a hell of long walk for a six year older. Good option would be the tight hairpin on the oppsite side, close to all the action, and a shorter walk from the Subway station.
  • I agree with minardimontreal, I have sat at the Senna curve before and it is pretty good, but this time around I will be sitting in stand 34 at the hairpin, Canadien GP site says it is sold out though.

    Stand 31 and 33 look good to me also, the cars are coming straight toward you in to a chicane, so they are not zooming right past ya for the most part. Mainly chose 34 because I think it will be a good spot for taking pics, hopefully some hairy situations in the hairpin.

    I'm heading up there on Wednesday of race week, hoping for some pitlane axxcess, but if not a little more time to see Montreal is not a bad thing.
  • anyone minardifan club seating? have you guys sat together in the past?
  • I will be in section 1, infront of one of the pits.
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