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How To Support Minardi

With the great news that GCM is once again on the scene the question of how best to support him arises.

Here is the link to the current GP Racing team site:

I think we (at least an Italian speaking member) should contact them and see what we can do.

I think that means you RJ.



  • cool, was already looking for that kind of information...
  • Emmo it's up on minardiusa.com!

    Hope GP racing updates their site soon.
  • Cool thanks Ger.

    BTW in the photo on the main page is that PLM next to GCM?
  • BTW - I popped an email off to GP Racing congratulating them etc etc - albeit in English. Crossed fingers!
  • image

    The Lion is back! Yep that sure looks like GCM and PLM great eh!
  • I love this team.
  • well Ger & Emmo......

    if Spa is dead........ do we start thinking of Hockenheim on the 27th........ then a trip to Nurburgring........ then to Padua...then to Faenza...with Monza the big finish ??????

    of course we will have to stay with gypsies for about a week............ 'sigh

  • I was already trying to figure that one out myself.
  • Just read a machine translated version of the story. Nice to see Minardi back into racing.
  • a human translated story is on the front page :hehe:
  • Finally for the first time in months, something has happened in motorsport that I can smile about. :D:D:P
  • a human translated story is on the front page :hehe:
    I always knew your years upon years as a career student would pay off.
  • I really gotta visit that fan clus site I belong to more often... there's a guy who looks just like me with some guy that looks like, say, wait a sec, THAT'S ME!

  • Love that retro colour scheme. Anyone got any idea where we can purchase their Merchandise?
  • and even more important... is there any?
  • Minardi team founder Gian Carlo Minardi will get back to racing after joining forces with the Italian GP Racing team to compete in the upcoming Euro 3000 championship.

    The new Minardi Team by GP Racing will take part in the the new series, which replaces the F3000 Italia championship.

    The team will use Lola B02/50 cars, which will sport the same yellow and dark blue colours as the Minardi F1 cars of the 1980s.

    Minardi, who founded his Formula One squad in 1979, left the sport last year after the team were bought by Red Bull and renamed Toro Rosso.

    "After 20 years in Formula One, and after the recent arrival of Scuderia Toro Rosso, I've thought of taking a step back and go back to my origins," said Minardi. "1980 saw the debut in Formula Two of Minardi, which one year later would get their first victory with the unforgettable Michele Alboreto. It's a well-known story after that.

    "Today I want to start a new adventure: together with GP Racing and [technical partners] Bimecc we'll take forwards an ambitious project, and that is to become a reference point for talented drivers who want to become main players.

    "The new adventure starts at Monza in March and we hope it'll be able to bring us significant results as soon as possible."

    The team will be based in Veggiano, near Padua.

    Team Director Tancredo Pagiaro added: "I'm really happy I'm able to announce an agreement which I'm sure will take us very far. The great experience and undoubted capabilities of Gian Carlo Minardi will be extremely useful for our new venture.

    "I'm proud of having contributed in bringing back the Minardi name to motor racing and I'm sure we'll get satisfaction from the series which will start in Monza on March 19th. A lot of work is awaiting us, but we are so charged with enthusiasm that we can't wait to start this new adventure."
  • Car looks the part.

    Do I read correct that their Sporting Director is Giovanni Minardi?


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  • RJ,

    I notice the human translated soon after doh! :spank:

    I notice that in your human translated story, you dropped Webber's name from your translated version, any particular reason? :o
  • Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best news i've heard in a while...i love this team
  • you dropped Webber's name from your translated version
    Webber was more a Stoddie thing I would have thought, don't know why they put him in the PR
  • How to support Minardi...?

    Ok i had an idea...tell me what you think of it...

    In order to show them that we are with them, and the name Minardi has a global appeal even in F3000, i thought of sending them a t-shirt or something like that, which will be first posted to some of the members of Forzaminardi located around the world. Each of us will sign it on the back and then post it to the next person, travelling around the world, until it reaches Salvo which he will either hand it over to the team or post it, explaining what this gesture is all about.....

    What do you think guys...?
  • I like the idea, Greco. Plus in one or two months time I'll get back to italy, so it may be easy for me to even go to the team's factory a weekend and deliver it personally (or with some of you, like Salvo or Bouc or RJ, for example).
  • Very nice idea, Greco! :D
  • Great idea Greco.
    It would be a good idea to get a list of everyone that wants to take part then work out a route.
    Maybe members that live close to each other could meet up to sign and take a photo as well ??
  • lets see if RJ likes the idea.......and then we should make a topic and discuss about it... the globetrotter t-shirt :)
  • what kind of tshirt were you thinking of? $$$
  • i dont know...i was thinking of a forzaminardi one with some kind of a message print on it......or now that i am thinking it a plain one whould do just fine, with a letter explaining this gesture....what do you think....?it will be fun....
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