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My first attempt....

... at building a website!

ok it's is maltese and relates to our socialist group at our locality but if you want to take a look here it is ....


i know it might look stupid compared to all these sophisticated websites... any suggestions will be appreciated.
(quig included)!:D


  • Looks good to me Neil, much better than I could do, if only i could speak Maltese...:cool:
  • As far as political websites go Neil your on a winner. (It is a political website eh?)
  • Fantastic Neil - and I mean that. I sent the link over to the NSA so you ought to be getting alot of traffic from them and the CIA.
  • Looks very good, "Genosse"!
  • Ha ha biker I got your message, yes I got to stay on the alert for Quig and his friends especially the guys at CIA!

    It is very primitive I tell you and easy to build with geocities.

    But there is nothing in comparision with the forzaminardi site!:D
  • is there any free forum mechanism that I can attach to my website?
  • not on geocities... you could open a forum with one of those forum communities though and link it
  • thanks, will try that!
  • Are you going to have an English language forum?
  • hehe... i always wanted to set up a politics site ;)
  • Well, there are times that this looks like one ;)
  • hehe... i always wanted to set up a politics site
    Well, there are times that this looks like one
  • F1 is politics......
  • he he he
    you can always leave your message at the guestbook, naturally before being approved, I censor every comment whether its OK or not!!!!!! ha ha ha! Long live free speech!:D

  • MCSF, I made an English version for you and your CIA friends.

    Minardirule, Ger, Homer, RJ please note!

  • Check your guestbook!
  • I didn't find your message!
    where is it?
  • In the guestbook.
  • I just signed it again - but I think my IP address has been blocked by the great promoters of free speech.
  • No your comments are there, I just figured out how it works, it delays the comments to let you approve them -I have absolutely no problem posting your comments and I thank you for your interest (sincerely - I am not pulling legs!)
  • Neil - I guess I was wrong - my second guestbook signing was allowed - you can lose the latest one I posted!

    This could be fun - the only pro capitalist on your site - it would be like FM.com in the good old days!
  • What do you mean by "you can lose the latest one I posted"?
  • The one about freedom of speech.
  • ok i removed it -

    btw what did your friends at the CIA said about the website :-) :-)
  • now, now, neil, whinging on about free speech in here but not allowing similar liberties at home?
  • It's the contrary RJ, I was 100% politically correct by leaving MCSF's messages and removing one message that he wanted me to remove. How can I be fairer than that??

    We the good old Socialists cherish free speech as long as it does not insult / incite hatred etc!

    hear hear!
  • Hey, MCSF, geocities closed my website down saying that I made some links which where not according to the terms of reference and they told me so start from scratch using another ID.
    Hell, that's what I did but it took me alot of time and I removed all links.
    My website is back at a new address www.geocities.com/mlp.santalucija
    (hope it was not the CIA!!!!!) :-)
  • Geocities does just what they are told to do.
  • "it's part of the CIA machine" he he!
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