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  • Im not surprised he's missing it!!

    IMHO I don't think Stoddard 'killed' minardi.

    The death of Minardi can be blamed primarily on:-

    1. The ever increasing costs to be competitive in F1 - Mosleys inability to set out any true cost cutting rules.

    2. Poor distribution of TV money between team.
  • All I can say is that payback is a bitch.
  • He made a business decision, and is lamenting it.

    Shit happens. When the sport becomes regulated and you can share chassis and engines, he'll be back.

    Doubt whether the Minardi name will come with him.
  • he owns the minardi name
  • I thought he got it back when STR took over.
  • I know he owns the name, but I though his business interest would mean that it would not be back....but I eat my words, he's already filed the application as Eurpean Minardi.
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