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Pitpass PS interview


Great stuff !!!!!:cool:

I especially like the last 3 paragraphs!!!;)


  • I'd like to see him return, I'd like to see the Minardi name return. Love them or hate them guys like Stoddart and Jordan were the life's blood of the sport.
  • yeah... str are so crrrrazy...
  • STR's press releases are not only stupid, but insulting at the same time!

    Their pre-race document for Australia is a load of rubbish, and while it slags on Australian sporting legends, as well as Aussies in general, it gives no information as to what the team has planned, or what this weekends Grand Prix entails.

  • it gives no information as to what the team has planned, or what this weekends Grand Prix entails.
    That's because the MARKETING people have no idea about F1.
  • Nice article. It is good to know that the journo's still remember Minardi.
  • Let us not be too niaive. I loved, and agree with those last three paragraphs, but the article is just quid-pro-quo.

    Like Don Corleone Stoddart is calling in a service on Balfe for some free press in exchange for his post-Canada exclusive.

    That aside, I liked it.

    As for theSTR press release, I had a look as well. Having guffawed over the release of the GP of my darling spouse (Belgium), I was looking forward to Oz getting the treatment. Sadly, it was just plain incoherrent. They should have given it to some Pommy Hack to write. Then you'd get a decent bit of humour-coated vitriol. But that rubbish just didn't make sense. It looks like some English-speaking Austrian twerp (not that there's anything wrong with being an English-Speaking Austrian Twerp ((Dutch heritage helps)), some of my best friends are English speaking Austrian.....gentlemen), without the barest notion of what the subject was, was attempting satire using the Lonely Planet Guide as research material. Piss-weak!

    There is nothing like starting to read something like this with a grin of anticipation on your dial, only to find that the grin hurts your face after a while if a laugh don't come out.

    Insulting, it was not - if only! It was plain rubbish.
  • now according to our friend james, str press releases are written by two english girls

    which spa article are you referring to?
  • I've tried to read the PR but the site is TOO BUSY. The angles on the STR site driv eme nuts and you can't tell what is an active link and what it not. Pretty artsy stuff and cool looking at first glance but not at all useful. I really hat e having to download a PDF to read and article that is full of fluff about jet lag and carp like that. Seems like the same "human interest" crap that ruined the coverage of the Olympics a few years back here in the US
  • RJ, RBR PR PR, SPA F1GP, 05.

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