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We're back.

The forum's back up again. But we have lost all avatars. Perhaps it's best if you send yours to RJ so he can upload them again. The other part of the website will probably stay offline for a little while.

[Edited on 5-5-0606 by Stan]


  • who the forks are these enemies of ours!*%$#??%$!@@#!!??
  • thanks stan, sterling job (once again)
  • Originally posted by FactyCrab
    who the forks are these enemies of ours!*%$#??%$!@@#!!??
    Good question.

    Great job once again Stan!
  • Well done Stan, your efforts are much appreciated!!

    Who do we think it can be?:mad:
  • Dieter Mateschitz? ;)

    Nah, I suspect these just are bots crawling google in search for vulnerable PHPNuke sites.

    [Edited on 5-5-0606 by Stan]
  • Thank god we're back!

    I had fears that I wasn't gonna be able to place my bets ! ;)
  • Thanks Stan

    This forum is an even more sacred/secret/holy place now :D
  • good we just gave the forum a revamp, otherwise we would've been properly screwed
  • other content getting there slowly but surely
  • thanks stan and thanks robert-jan...good for you guys...now the bets have come in ...
  • avatars are back as well as you can see, luckily i had a backup of those somewhere :P
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