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Definately NOT for sale....

except if an offer comes along


Looks like the dutch may mean business this time, but I'm sure no one is surprised about Midland


  • What a way to run/motivate a team.
  • Grandprix.com is quoting $125Mill. Who'd pay that much for MF1??? Even the Dutch can't be that silly.
  • It's the entry, not the team itself - all those disappointed potential franchise holders, there's a market out there. That's why Schnaider bought in in the first place, and why Bernie said he was guilty about not telling him about the day to day running costs.

    Is Stoddart kicking himself?
  • Shock. I can't believe it.
  • Take the money and run! You know you want to.
  • I don't see the point. Midland is very happy with Albers. Why bother buying the team?

    So you can put another Dutch driver in the second spot? I don't think Doornbos would be stupid enough to do that. And Pastorelli is too inexperienced.

    And there's no way Lost Boys would want to make a deal with Verstappen again.
  • $70 Million profit - costs. Take the money!!!!!! How much did Stoddie sell out for? He has to be shaking his head.
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