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Ferrari's new test driver ex Minardi boy


Just got this from a very busy viges. Can you top this? I don't think so. Well done!


  • And to think we knew back when he was a nobody.

    Nice shoes Viges. Are you getting fashion advice from RJ?
  • 20£ an hour, I can sort you out, give me a ring!
  • Is Viges going to give us a full report?
  • Jealous as hell!! We await the story.
  • Who's that cardboard cut-out next to viges?
  • Photoshop is a wonderful tool, isn't it?
  • Hi chaps,

    look, he'd been badgering me for some coaching for a while, what was I meant to say?

    It was a Vodafone competition winners event at Fiorano with just a few journos. Maybe I can get my audio report to RJ (there are some more pix if he has room).

    We toured the factory, got two laps each with Schumi and then another two with one of their road car testers. Now, more than ever, I understand why they will never give up their right to private testing. It is a mega facility. I also bumped into Luca Badoer and had a quick natter. Then to Il Cavallino for luncheon.

    Schumi? Polite, autographs, not very revealing in the interviews but admitted Jerez '97 was a 'regret'. Refused to confirm he will drive next year (I believe he is doing this to force Kimi into the arms of Flav).

    Late, late braking - opp lock on the way out, he even did a doughnut. When I asked about his familiarity with Fiorano he offered to drive with his eyes shut and I said 'yes'. I am a very lucky boy.

    PS the shoes were all I had! I wasn't driving and take comfort in the fact Jim Clark used to hare around in a pair of knackered old loafers.
  • Your celeb status increases by the week! Nice one!
  • Sounds like a great trip Simon, look forward to the full story!!

    What did our boy Luca have to say?
  • A snatched conversation with our boy, whose English was better than I expected. Quite sanguine about Nurburg '99 and not getting the Schumi drive that year. 'you'd have to ask Jean Todt'.

    What was lovely was to see Schumi and he are such mates - heading off into the old man's house together for a chat as I left.

    Apologies for not posting a full report but I will be online occasionally so if there's anything specific, just ask ...

    It was mega - I am still not sure it really happened but it was definitely him!
  • just forward the stuff, simon, on broadband for two more days, then on a terrible dial up line for the next four weeks :(
  • Corporate slut!:P
  • Tifosi! :o
  • That just about tops anything F1 I can imagine, you're a lucky bastard Simon. Lucky indeed, you Tifosi slut! :D
  • Schuey needs a good publicity agent!

    I'm still waiting on my invitation.

    I understand that it is the last thing that Jean, Ross and Michael plan to do. :)

    Viges, you're proving again
    the power of the pen!

  • or the microphone for that matter
  • Djeez, it must have been amazing........ Really great for you!
    The world's bestpaid chauffeur.
  • I am a slut, of that there has been no doubt for some time.
  • was there a full report or did I miss it? I've had some tight time schedules of late and haven't visied here in a while.
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